College’s TV now ‘on demand’

SAN MARCOS — In an effort to increase the accessibility of programming produced by Palomar College Television, or PCTV, the station has partnered with Time Warner Cable to offer content via the Time Warner “On Demand” system.
Now Time Warner Cable customers throughout San Diego County will have more convenient access to programming produced by PCTV. In addition to watching PCTV on Channel 16, viewers can tune to Channel 1 and enjoy convenient access to PCTV videos on demand. The current subject listing includes Arts and Culture, Business, Mathematics, Documentary, Events, and Sciences with plans to expand the offering in the near future.
PCTV is known for producing high-quality educational and community enrichment video content since 1975. The staff is dedicated to working with the students, faculty, and staff of Palomar College to increase access to education through the use of video. PCTV produces and distributes full-length educational series as well as topic-targeted supplemental modules, discussion programs, documentaries, promotional spots, and much more. PCTV also provides coverage of many campus events, and its staff works extensively with student interns to provide them with “real world” experience necessary to obtain a wide array of jobs in the media industry.


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