Two sailors killed in Camp Pendleton training exercise

CAMP PENDLETON — Two sailors were killed and a third injured the morning of March 7 when a 7-ton medium tactical vehicle replacement, or MTVR, water truck rolled over according to Navy spokesman Cmdr. Greg Hicks.
The accident happened during an exercise at Camp Pendleton on a road in the southwest part of the base. The sailors, from the Amphibious Construction Battalion One, were supporting Exercise Pacific Horizon, involving Navy and Marine Corps units around and near Camp Pendleton, when the accident occurred. It is not yet known if the rainy conditions March 7 played a factor in the condition of the road or contributed to the accident.
The sailors’ names were not released pending notification of the next of kin. The injured sailor was reported to be in stable condition at a local hospital.
The Marine Corps is investigating the accident.
The truck was carrying drinking water to resupply a campsite taking part in Pacific Horizon, a joint Navy-Marine Corps exercise.
The MTVR is a six-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle used by both the U.S Marine Corps and the Navy.


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