COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Should Felien and Kern be making financial decisions for Oceanside?

The sordid saga of the headquarters move of the San Diego County Republican Party moves many, including me, to challenge City Councilmen Gary Felien and Jerry Kern’s view that they are the most qualified of the five on the Oceanside City Council to review Oceanside city government and recommend reforms.
Perhaps you didn’t know the Republican headquarters has moved since the party website still has the old Oberlin address. You better update your address books since the headquarters moved in December and rent is now paid for the same address that houses the San Diego County Republican Party chair’s financial planning business office. Lots of things got broken in this move, including the Oberlin office lease.
Recent discussions on the lack of financial wisdom and budgetary wastefulness of this headquarters move have been so heated and angry that comments on the Republican favored website SDRostra had to be restricted.
“Local GOP Turpitude,” an article on SDRostra, refers to the investigation of the office move personally performed by Tea Party leader Leslie Eastman. Eastman, after gathering information from both county Republican Party leadership and the owner of the former headquarters building on Oberlin, reviewing photos and researching alleged rental issues, referred to the move as “stealthily” done, potentially opening the party to insider financial abuse, wasteful of donor money which paid for discarded items, fraudulent and creating the probability of a budget busting and time draining “needless” court case.
Eastman was unable to find any factual basis for the reasons Republican Party officials gave for breaking the Oberlin lease. Scads of office equipment, supplies, boxes of material and even plants, were discarded by party officials without a thought about selling them to recoup any donated dollars that may have paid for them. (
Checks signed by county Republican Party treasurer Gary Felien paid for discarded items, are now paying rent for questionable shared address office space, and would pay for any adverse decision in a lease breach lawsuit.
So what does this messy county Republican Party headquarters move have to do with Oceanside’s three councilmen, Felien, Feller and Kern? All are elected members of the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee, which is the governing and decision making body of the county Republican Party just like the Oceanside City Council is for Oceanside.
Two of those three Oceanside council members who, as Republican Party governing body members, must have participated in the decisions which Tea Party leader Eastman describes as fraud, waste and stealth have been posing as financial experts who can solve all of Oceanside’s problems.
Knowing the result of the thoughtless, financially wasteful decisions made by members of the governing body of the county Republican Party as expressed by Eastman, red flags must be raised regarding Kern and Felien’s use of requested extra staff time to assist in making recommendations for what they consider to be “government reform” in Oceanside.
Can those who did not stop the use of stealth, the fraud, the abuse and the waste that Tea Party leader Eastman alleged was evident in the Republican Party headquarters move make credible city government “reform” recommendations in their roles as Oceanside leaders? How can they clean up Oceanside government if they can’t even clean up the county Republican government?
If Tea Party leader Eastman is correct in her analysis of the San Diego County Republican Party office move decisions approved by county Republican leadership, any budget recommendations by Kern and Felien will need thorough investigation for evidence of the same flagrant monetary waste, crony capitalism and abusive attitude Eastman concluded was shown in the party leaders office move decision making. The question must be asked: Were Oceanside voters duped into electing a fox to guard the Oceanside henhouse?


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