Letters: Dec. 11, 2009

Respecting Roberts’ decision
Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we did not receive the calls from The Coast News in time to comment on Councilman Dave Roberts’ decision to suspend his campaign for congress.
Building and nurturing a family is a remarkable but difficult task. I respect Dave Roberts’ decision to put his family first. I understand the decision to launch a campaign for congress was not taken lightly. But life has its ways of surprising us and for Dave Roberts, it brought him two beautiful children. My heart goes out to Dave Roberts, Wally and their children. Let the winter holidays bring them joy and new memories that they will treasure.
I look forward to working with Dave Roberts in the general election to make sure the 50th District has a representative that will focus on reaching our potential by firing up our economic engine as a America’s center of scientific innovation and discovery.
Francine Busby
Candidate for 50th Congressional District

District’s loss, city’s gain
Councilman Dave Roberts, the most qualified candidate in the 50th congressional race, is a man of great moral clarity. For the right reason, he has chosen to withdraw from the campaign.
Although I understand and honor his decision to put his family first, I am saddened because we are losing a candidate who has the character and courage of a person ahead of his time.
Dave has been so willing to engage us in meaningful discussions about the economy, health care and environmental issues. He would be an excellent representative and accountable to all the constituents in the 50th District.
We need leaders like him with the courage of their convictions and a willingness to make tough decisions.
Other than the happy family, the only other positive thing is Dave will remain in his current elected position, and provide the necessary leadership and direction for the city of Solana Beach.
Mary Jane Boyd
Solana Beach

Reopen Village H trail
Dear Carlsbad Council Members,
As a resident of “The Crest” off of Carlsbad Village Drive and adjacent to the Village H property, I urge you to support an interim agreement and eventually a final agreement that will reopen access to the Village H Trail. As I understand it, that trail is part of the city’s Overall Trail Master Plan, and you can see how it would link up to the trails even the one just across Carlsbad Village Drive.
This open space is tremendously valued and used by many different types of users, from people looking for a little exercise, families out for a walk, and the many people who walk their dogs. I know that Carlsbad is dedicated to is building a sense of community and unfortunately, that locked gate has destroyed one of the best examples of Community within Carlsbad. I urge you again, to take whatever steps you can to reopen that gate and restore its community. That small piece of land is a very special and its loss has been felt very deeply by those who appreciate it.
Thank you for your consideration.
Kristina M. Ek

Open the gate
As a neighbor living close to the gated Village H, intersection of Carlsbad Village Drive and Victoria Avenue, I was very surprised at the lack of sensitivity on the part of the owners who blocked access to this lovely trail. Each day I would exercise my dog along the trail plus meet and talk with my neighbors and meet new neighbors. One of the most appealing aspects of living in this part of North County is the warm sense of community among the residents. Cutting of access to this most popular area just adds to the “Orange County-fication” of this most lovely of San Diego County areas in which to live.
Village H trail is already part of the city’s overall trail master plan, and allowing the gate to be closed is destroying the sense of spirit, stewardship, and community that trails are supposed to foster. I am asking the Carlsbad City Council to implement the interim agreement and open the gate now.

Michael Thomas


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