Lottsa buzz about Busby fundraiser brush-up

Issue remains muddy

After several weeks of investigating the tiff between law enforcement and several dozen senior citizens who were attending a Francine Busby campaign rally at the home of Shari Barman in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has announced no charges will be filed even though two ladies were arrested, handcuffed and did brief time in the clink. The incident originated when a neighbor called America’s finest to complain that the attendees were being noisy. In the melee that followed eight patrol cars, a police dog, fire apparatus, and the Sheriff’s helicopter were reported to be at the scene. The latter probably to establish a beach head at Cardiff State Beach in case additional reinforcements were needed to quell the noisy ladies and the fire personnel were at the ready if conversations became heated and burst into flames. The point deputy pepper sprayed some of the unarmed ladies who reportedly advanced on him in a threatening manner. Others were already leaving becuz it was past their nitey night time. Will this bring finality to the event that has received national notoriety to ordinarily peaceful Cardiff-by-the Sea? Not likely if a suit is filed.


During the August meeting of the County Fair’s board of directors, a dozen speakers heaped accolades on them for their effort to restrict smoking on the grounds. However, they asked if they could take the program a step further and impose a total smoking ban. This summer there were designated areas where smoking was OK. Meanwhile, Qualcomm Stadium officials without advance fanfare eliminated smoking areas outside the stadium and although the decision received public notice it has not become a major issue. County Fair directors took the suggestion under advisement since no action is permitted on an item that is not on the agenda.

No bag feed …

Folks in Seattle who are known to be generous about taxing themselves for services not provided by government agencies were not in a taxing mood when they turned down a proposed 20 cent fee on plastic and paper bags. An ordinance that was adopted in January without voter approval was resoundingly defeated.

Significant endorsement

Sheriff candidate Jim Duffy has been endorsed by the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. It is considered to be an extremely worthwhile stamp of approval. No surprise, however, Duffy has served three terms as its prexy and has been a member for several years. His dad, John, was sheriff several years ago and is remembered for having all the patrol cars painted Irish green.

Racetrack franchise award delayed

The lease to operate the Del Mar racetrack that ends at the end of the year has been extended for at least a year at the request of Sen. Christine Kehoe. It is awarded by a bid process and although plenty of interest was expressed, the thinking was that economic conditions may improve significantly in 2010. The operator will be determined by the State Leasing Commission that consists of three County Fair directors, and one member each from the Dept. of Finance, Dept. of Food and Agriculture and Dept. of General Services.

It depends …

At a recent Flower Capital City Council session, the city attorney was asked if comments “for the record” expressed by a councilmember were “official” on the video in lieu of the printed minutes. The reply was “it depends” but no further explanation was provided. Inquiring folks are asking … It depends on what? The weather? The subject? A race at Del Mar? What?

Seniors’ social security

Seniors are already aware there will not be a cost of living increase in 2010 or beyond, but they are fretting over a trial balloon unleashed recently that indicated the benefit may be decreased. Blame the huge deficit that is already on the books.

Reduced bus service

Less state funding is being blamed by the North County Transit District for trimming service on routes 315 and 395 and eliminating route 319. With the downturn in ridership on some routes wouldn’t it be prudent to replace some of the big passenger buses with smaller ones? These would save significant transportation costs.

Attendance stipend

Members of Tri-City Hospital District’s board of directors now are receiving a hundred bux for attendance at meetings with a maximum number in one month. There has been no public outcry and that’s good. Most volunteers who serve on boards and commissions use a lotta of their personal money for gas and miscellaneous expenses in performance of their responsibilities. Almost all other volunteers who serve without regular pay are reimbursed.

Citrus bug

Already faced with a cutback in their irrigation water, citrus growers are concerned about a disease that is menacing their crops. A bug and all its relatives trapped near Sweetwater Reservoir could be the carrier.


The Minutemen who sought to participate in the “Adopt-a Highways” program near the San Clemente check station and were denied have won a suit against the Dept. of Highways and will receive a hefty cash settlement … Madam Tussaud’s wax museum that recently opened on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood is drawing raves and big crowds … Sue Varty, veteran member of the Olivenhain Muni Water District who passed away last month is described as having a tremendous passion for water and environmental issues and as a result the Elfin Forest Recreation Reserve Interpretive Center has been named in her memory … Lotsa advance activity is taking place in preparation for the San Dieguito Heritage Museum Lima Bean Fest set for Sept. 25 to Sept. 27 … A big salute to Diegueno Middle School eighth-grader Keri Jucha who presented 10 laptops and five DVD players to the Harbor City’s Rady Children’s Hospital using monies she earned selling beaded necklaces and bracelets she learned to make when she was a patient there … Sheriffs Dept. has scheduled two free Citizen Academies Oct. 10 and Oct. 17 and is inviting participation by making reservations with Heather Clark at (760) 966-3587 or e-mail heather.clark@ sdsheriff.org … A four-story retirement home has been OK’d by O’side planning commish and will be on the ground of historic Mission San Luis Rey.
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