Joseph Bellows Gallery to open branch in Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society has announced that Joseph Bellows, owner of Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, will be opening a second branch in Rancho Santa Fe. Bellows will occupy the retail space next to the La Flecha House, currently home to the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society.
Bellows and his family live in the Covenant and he said he looks forward to opening a branch in Rancho Santa Fe. “Many of my clients live in the Ranch and this will be a convenience for them,” he said. “They won’t have to leave the Ranch. It’s easier.”
Joseph Bellows Gallery has been in La Jolla for more than 10 years now. It features photographic works as well as important vintage prints. The gallery maintains an active schedule to exhibit solo shows and also themed group exhibitions. Bellows plans to feature solo shows in the new Rancho Santa Fe gallery, too.
“I plan to showcase Charles Grog, who does platinum photographs,” Bellows said. “Stunning work. I’ll also have a few easily recognized artists, such as Ansel Adams.”
The La Flecha House was one of the first homes built in the Ranch and was designed by Lilian Rice. The retail space that Bellows’ gallery will occupy was originally a garage, which was later converted to retail space. The gallery is also open to the patio at La Fletcha House, which is a warm and inviting place for visitors to both the gallery and Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society.
Both the historical society and Bellows feel this will work well for all parties. “We’re thrilled to have Joseph and his gallery here,” Sharon Fabry, administrator to the historical society, said. “I think it’s a good fit,” Bellows said. “I do photographic history and now I’m in a historic building.”
Bellows plans to open the new gallery by mid-October.


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