Letters: Aug. 14, 2009

Hall property park has few benefits for most people

I respond to the attack piece on Encinitas citizens who were promised a park for everyone on the Hall site. The unsigned Union-Tribune article of Aug. 1 is full of venom, deceptions and distortions. The so-called “community park,” planned and approved by Councilmen Stocks, Bond and Dalager, is a regional sports complex, designed entirely for active tournaments that benefit 10 percent of the population who play competitive team sports in private clubs. Less than 10 percent of the park area is dedicated for passive recreation of the general public.
The city issued $22.6 million in bonds to purchase the land for recreational purposes, encumbering Encinitas taxpayers with $45.2 million over 30 years. Building the sports complex will cost taxpayers another $70 million if more bonds are floated, not including $50 million in maintenance and utility costs over the next 30 years.
City and school districts already have 41 fields, many with lighting. Article states, “a few selfish voices are robbing their children of a place to play.” In truth, a few private clubs want to severely burden a residential community of several thousand homes with excessive traffic, noise and lights from sports tournaments, drawing some 250 teams and 20,000 people.

Dietmar Rothe


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