Carlsbad hit and run results in arrest

CARLSBAD— Megan Smith was struck in a hit-and-run traffic collision July 12 at about 4:10 p.m., at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Carlsbad Boulevard. Smith was treated by paramedics for her injuries at the scene and released.
According to witnesses, the vehicle, a blue Chevrolet truck was seen leaving the area and witnesses were able to provide the license plate to police. A short time later, Carlsbad Police located the vehicle driving in the area of El Camino Real and Tamarack Avenue. The vehicle was stopped but as the officer approached the driver, he sped off. The driver, later identified as Brian Campbell, eluded police for a short time, but was found in his car in front of 2502 Tamarack. As police approached, he vaulted his vehicle over an embankment into a recessed driveway leading into an RV storage facility. Campbell was trapped inside the vehicle and was extricated by Carlsbad and Oceanside firefighters.
Campbell was transported to Tri-City Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. He was arrested for numerous charges including hit-and-run with injury, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence while on probation for DUI, driving under the influence and involved in a traffic collision involving injury and driving under the influence with prior DUI convictions.


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