Plenty to celebrate, even with June gloom

June is rather a love-hate sort of month. It’s technically summer, yet schools and weather don’t seem to think so.
Still, it does get the ball rolling toward summer and for the fortunate, summer means leisure, travel or at least, a good party. Schools around here won’t be out until the month is nearly gone, but it sets one to daydreaming about those golden beach days that are on the way. I am still lobbying, however, to push that school break farther back so that we have September off and can maximize those you-can’t-find-them-anywhere-but-here beach days.
Let me take a minute to remind everyone that here in Southern California we don’t need our children free in July to help harvest the crops. We don’t have to have the hay in the barn before the rains. There is no good reason on earth for us to waste July watching the fog bank sit on the coast. And just in case it has gone unnoticed, the ocean water finally, finally, finally, usually warms up toward the middle of August and often stays that way through late September. Are you seeing a trend here? Our youngsters (and I) are back sweltering in classrooms, while the water remains 70-plus degrees. Now, that’s just wrong.
However, in an effort to raise the festivity level of foggy, not-out-of-school-quite-yet June, I have researched and unearthed some of its special holiday potential.
I’m pretty excited that it is Turkey Lovers Month, topped only by it being Potty Training Awareness Month. First of all, it’s easy to love a turkey in June. It’s November when they really need the support. And if my memory serves me right, when my children were in the midst of potty training, I didn’t need anything official to keep me constantly aware.
June 1 was Doughnut Day and also Dare Day. I was hoping someone would dare me to eat a dozen maple-glazed. If you missed that, June 20 is Ice Cream Soda Day and should make up for it, as long as you observed Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17. Many of us were tickled that June 4 was annual Cheese Day. This is a good warm up for a Brie and Camembert binge on Bastille Day in July.
I am not going to mention to my family that June 13 was Kitchen Klutzes of America Day but I secretly celebrated with my peeps. I must mention National Chocolate Pudding Day on June 26, as long as it’s instant.
We lovers of all things printed surely can celebrate Johannes Gutenberg’s birthday on June 23 followed neatly by U.F.O. Day June 24, which I may spend watching “Independence Day” for the 50th time and some old “Twilight Zone” episodes.
June 21, the official First Day of Summer, is probably your best party excuse. But watch out for Leon Day on June 25, which is Noel spelled backward. Some overachiever realized this day is only six months until Christmas.
La-la-la-la-la! I can’t hear you.


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