Realtor serves up thanks to clients past and present

RANCHO SANTA FE — Red-colored Keller Williams’ flags led to the long driveway on La Gracia on Saturday night. As I got closer I could hear laughter.
The welcome mat was out for the annual client appreciation extravaganza hosted by Rancho Santa Fe Realtor Ally Wise and Rancho Santa Fe mortgage broker Sue Drawdy. This year’s event, at Wise’s home, featured celebrity guest Todd Miller of Napa’s Wine Garage, and his famous wine blends.
“My first client is here, as well as my latest client,” smiled Wise, as she greeted guests whose old residences she had sold and new homes she had found. This year, Wise invited more than 100 clients to her home.
Sausages, green peppers and onions cooked on the grill, leaving a wonderful aroma in the air. Cheese platters and hors d’ oeuvres abound as guests waited their turn for the hot food. Red and white geraniums decorated the outside patio, giving a festive ambiance.
“My policy is ‘once a client, always a client.’ Once I have worked with you, I will always keep in touch by mail or with gifts, at least several times a year,” Wise elaborated.
Renowned Napa wine maker Miller supervised the wine tasting. He brought along several reds and several whites with the Wine Garage label, for guests to sample. Miller’s wines are known for their affordability and unusual mix of grapes. Miller buys individual lots of finished wine from several of Napa’s most prestigious vineyards to make up each blend. He will soon feature his private wine labels at both the Bridges and Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.
After sampling many wines and eating delicious food, guests wandered over to the dessert table, where chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, cookies, and a berry custard tart awaited them.
But that wasn’t the end. As guests slowly departed into the cool night air, Wise handed each of them a gift bag filled with favors.
See you next year!


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