Former Rancho Santa Fe students, teachers say goodbye

RANCHO SANTA FE — Alumni of all ages, former teachers and administrators are invited to gather by the front office flagpole at 11 a.m. June 6 to say goodbye to their beloved school. The Rancho Santa Fe School (recently renamed the R. Roger Rowe School) is set to be completely demolished in a matter of days, to make room for a new, larger school campus intended to accommodate the growing population of students in the Rancho Santa Fe area. From kindergarten to eighth grade, many a generation has been raised on these beloved school grounds.
“This school has always been the heartbeat of the community and it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the institution that provided us with not only a stellar education but a lifetime of cherished, childhood memories,” Bibbi Herrmann Conner, a 1978 graduate of the Rancho Santa Fe School, said.
This event will include speeches from past superintendent Dr. R Roger Rowe (who served from 1958 to 2001) and current superintendent Lindy Delaney. In addition, there will be reflections from teachers and students of long ago. Former student and longtime Rancho Santa Fe resident Kim Snyder will be on hand to share her memories of what the school was like when it was just a two room school house. She graduated in 1951.
In 1976, former sixth-grade teacher Donna Miano (Spaulding) engaged the entire school with the burial of a time capsule to honor the bicentennial. Due to be opened in 50 years (2026), this time capsule still lays buried deep in the ground somewhere near the flagpole. With fears of the construction crews digging it up and destroying it, this cherished time capsule will be officially unearthed with the original teacher on hand to oversee the event 33 years later.
In addition, there will be a “farewell tour” where the alumni and teachers can visit former classrooms together and reminisce while saying goodbye.


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