Letters: May 29, 2009

The greatest problem facing mankind
The human population is increasing at a rate of about 2.3 people (births over deaths) per second, or the equivalent of the entire population of North America in a mere three years. We need sustainability, and we must work towards this goal now. Moreover, no woman is truly free until she has full access to a range of family planning. We will never have global peace and prosperity unless we stabilize the world population. Overpopulation and human need are the main driving forces for mass migration. No one wants to leave home unless they have to. We should be providing the UNFPA with several billion dollars per year, so that this agency can do what is best for us and the world. We must do all we can by working to decrease the human population in a humane way. Hundreds of studies have shown that whenever birth control methods become available anywhere in the world, the birth rate falls dramatically. It would take an estimated $30 billion annually to provide the entire world with these essential services. It’s time to put our money where it helps.
Milton Saier
Professor of Molecular Biology, UCSD

Are our senators on the up and up?
When our senators on the Finance Committee meet to discuss various health care plans and refuse to allow single payer advocates to speak or even to be represented, we can no longer call our system of government a democracy. This is what the Bolsheviks did to the Mensheviks. When the American people elect their senators and the senators turn on their constituents and side with the drug companies and insurance companies then we should be very worried. What does the Finance Committee have to fear by listening to single payer representatives? It can only be that they fear the power of the corporations and their contributions to the senators’ campaigns.

Madison Lang


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