Encouraging words for today and tomorrow

Lately, I have been in the mood to be … positive! With the recent challenges in my own life I must look within to believe in the goodness of tomorrow. Life does not always make sense. Sometimes bad things happen to us and we try to figure out why. There are things that break us and there are moments that are magnificent.?There is not always a reason for our letdowns. It could be as simple as life shifting beneath us and we are unaware of earthquake faults we cannot see. Wake up and make life yours anyway. Be excessive, bold and don’t be afraid to let this life slide off of you unaffected and unscathed. Do you know what I mean by that?
You can’t win them all. When you realize that there is a peace that penetrates your heart. There is a place that makes the moment easier when you realize you cannot control everything that happens to us or those we love.
Try to make peace with your immediate situation and where you are in terms of your issues. I’m speaking from experience, of course. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I was achieving something more grand on a higher level than I am today. But we must be at peace with this beautiful life. The ups and downs, the heartaches and the disappointments, the boredom that can set in on occasion. Realize that it is a gift to feel such luxury as boredom.
Have you been to a Third World country? I haven’t. But I know enough to appreciate the gift of my life today. I am so sick and tired of everyone griping about the economy. Get down on your hands and knees and be thankful for fresh fruit and penicillin. Be thankful for running water, toilets and hand sanitizer. Be thankful.
If someone is having a bad day, be polite to them. Do not feel it is a reflection upon you. Don’t be so harsh to judge when we do not know what has occurred. I must say at this point in time, I’ve never been more grateful for all those that are in my life. For this day, for last night, for the beautiful sunshine on my face, those I work with and my loved ones I cherish deeply. ?
Be thankful for what you have and I don’t mean just your bank account balance. Good health, loved ones and friends. Be ever so grateful for those blessings. Sometimes we do not know what is around the corner. Wake up and plan your attack but do not be dismayed if everything is not in order. Dare to be original. Have faith that this life is for you and not against you. Have faith that love can conquer more meanness and madness than wrong things can ever undo to your present circumstances.
Have faith in yourself and your dreams. Be so presently brilliant with your own surroundings that you cannot criticize your neighbor. Criticize yourself first. Be loving and kind. Open your heart and mind. Have faith in this life. Just be nicer to the less fortunate person on the street or a friend that is having a hard time. Dare to be uplifting. You never know, your smile or your kind words, could give them the hope to believe in their dreams for tomorrow.
Around town
On May 1, I met my girlfriend Meredith MacDonald at Mille Fleurs. It was a bit quiet that weekend due to the recent swine flu outbreak that weekend, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun. We spoke to Lara Grow most of the evening, the managing bartender there. What you may not know about Lara is she has been working there for almost 13 years. She has many customers that come in just to sit and chat with her. Another tidbit that she is keen not to boast about is she is a well-known realtor in Cardiff-by-the-Sea at Realty Steele. She was kind enough to pose with my friend Meredith for a gorgeous picture. Lara is also getting her broker’s license this summer. If you love Cardiff-by-the-Sea and are looking for a home, e-mail her at lara@realtysteele.com or pop in to the piano bar for some fabulous conversation. Thanks Lara for letting me snap that quick photo.
Later that evening, I sat down at the piano bar and found out Randy Beecher is celebrating his 16th anniversary. One of his favorite customers shares something in common with me — we both love the theme song to “Somewhere in Time.” Little did I know I was speaking to world-renowned author Doris Lee McCoy. Her business card reads, “Visionaries Change The World.” I must say, after making her acquaintance I walked away feeling inspired by her enthusiasm and uplifting personality. I have to admit I was a bit envious when Doris informed me she had met the late great Norman Vincent Peele, one of my very favorite visionaries. If you would love to meet this incredible woman or congratulate Randy on his anniversary, try Friday nights in the piano bar.
On May 8, which was a Friday, I headed to The Inn to meet some friends. One of my friends in the Ranch, Patrick Galvin, tipped me off about the Rotary Club honoring the firemen that serve our community and surrounding areas. As I sat there enjoying the view, gorgeous fireman passed me by on their way to this event. Patrick was kind enough to help me round up a few of these courageous guys for a photo for my column. After hearing about the Santa Barbara fires, I am reminded of the service and commitment these men give to us by risking their lives under such dangerous circumstances. Kudos to the Rotary Club for treating them to a lovely evening at The Inn.
On May 14, I met Gary and Bella Sanfier, the owners of GSB Clothier, located at Del Rayo in Fairbanks. Gary brings classic European design concepts to his San Diego men’s store from his extensive experience of more than 20 years as head tailor for world renowned stores such as Ron Ross, Scott Hill, Lux Cashmere, Zelli & Thomas Mason, International Laundry and others. What you may not know about Gary and Bella is they serve the most delicious red wine as a treat to all of their clients while they are shopping in the store. They also informed me that they prefer the Ranch residents any day to Los Angeles folks. “The people are more friendly and honest to deal with, we love it here,” they said. If you are looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift and you don’t feel like leaving your comfort zone, GSB is located 16085 San Dieguito Rd. Suite E-6 right near Leucadia Pizzeria. And, can I just say Gary and Bella you are the loveliest couple I have met in ages. Thank you for being so kind. On a side note, they also do alterations for you men. Why leave your comfort zone?
On May 15, I finally spoke to Julien Godfrey, one North County resident that is really looking forward to summer this year. Why? Because he has lost more than 80 pounds by working with Jonathan M. Haynes, M.D.of Medi-Zone Encinitas. “If you are going to do this program, it’s all or nothing. I really enjoyed it and lost weight incredibly fast.” What better way to climb into a bikini than with a fabulous diet that actually works. The program includes the well-known “Zone” diet and hands-on help from a wonderful clinic staff. I actually stopped in there a few months ago. If you know where Frogs Fitness is in Encinitas, you know where to find Medi-Zone, which is just across the street. Thanks Julien for revealing your sexy summer secrets.
On May 18, ABC’s “The Bachelorette” finally aired! Guess which local resident snagged one of the 30 limited positions thousands interviewed for in Rancho Santa Fe? Julien Hug, one of our very own most eligible bachelors. He is the son of Denise and Bertrand Hug. What I find amazing is he is rather shy and humble about his appearance on the show. But take it from me, from someone who knows, that’s really cool! You can watch next Monday to catch a glimpse of one our very own residents on national television on ABC. I just hope he told Jillian Harris hello for me. She seemed like quite an amazing catch. I even received a phone call from one of my best friends informing me to pick up the National Enquirer because he was on the back cover. It sounds like Hollywood has arrived in style to our very on community. Congratulations on landing such a coveted roll. But the question is, will there be a love connection? I guess we will have to tune in to see.
Save the date
Time is ticking and The Helen Woodward Shangri Pa event is almost here. Save the date for June 6. Mike Arms has done so much to save millions of animals not only in Rancho Santa Fe, but around the world. This is your chance to share in a quest for saving the lives of animals that need your help. Check out The Helen Woodward Web site at www.animalcenter.org. This evening will be a black-tie affair, red carpet mingling and fabulous food tasting from 20 different San Diego restaurants. This is one of my favorite events of the year!


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