Remembering my mother this Mother’s Day

“When I was a little girl my mother went to college. Most go right out of school, but my mother Micky Kay Penn went to beauty school, while her husband went to Vietnam to fight a war. My mother sat on the sandy beach in San Clemente when she was only 18 and watched the waves roll in while waiting for my Dad to return from the war. In the evening, she ate pinto beans at night because that was about all she could afford.”
Mother’s Day is coming up and I have much on my mind. After my last column came out, I kept thinking about the word cynical and how one should use it sparingly in life. The very thought of how it became such a headline next to my name has left me searching for greener pastures in my heart. Sometimes we share what our hearts want to say and later we regret unyielding words that do not always have to be spoken.
This made me think of my mother. She is much softer spoken than me and I must remember her grace and simplicity. So for this Mother’s Day, I want to share with you a significant memory of how my mother’s spirit has touched upon my adulthood. Just like the whisper of a moment written above, memories become our own stories.
When I was a little girl, maybe 3 or 4, I lived on a farm near Springfield, Mo. If you don’t know anything about the Midwest, just know that it’s rural and quiet. At night the stars shine for miles and you can only see a flickering of city lights on the dark horizon. For a toddler, it was also lonely because there were no other neighborhood children to really play with, unless you wanted to walk a mile down the dirt road. So when my mom decided to attend college in Springfield, I was the excited curly blonde girl just thrilled to go to town and play with the other children at preschool. The other bonus — a one-hour car ride, which consisted of special alone time with my mom. I have an older brother and sister and sibling rivalry runs deep in our family.
During those years, I watched my mom study diligently at home every day, raise three children and wake up and do it all over again with a smile. I remember thinking that she was so intelligent and smart and I hoped I could be just like her someday. I learned how to whistle when I was 4 and recount stories to her of my day at school. My mom shared stories of when she lived in California, before I was born. She would sit on the beach in San Clemente and read books all day and wait for my dad to come home from Camp Pendleton.
 I remember thinking that I wanted to get there somehow, this magical place where my parents lived near the ocean. It sounded like paradise. The stillness of those rides and the sharing time with her has been my compass throughout the years. Now I live in California and I dream of the rolling hay fields back in Missouri. “So we beat on boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past,” F. Scott Fitzgerald so elegantly said.  This Mother’s Day, I say thank you to my mother for teaching me gumption, tenacity and the art of persistence at such an early age. It’s never too late to accomplish one’s dreams. Thanks Mom for showing me by example that universal truth.

Around Town

On April 21, I attended my son’s Rancho Santa Fe Little League game in Fairbanks. That particular Tuesday held high temperatures all across San Diego. But that didn’t stop the Red Sox from winning their game. I captured a quiet moment with Coach Todd Stout of all of the boys listening intently to their coach while recounting the game. I must say I am grateful for all of the hard work these coaches donate with their own busy schedules. Now that’s what I call a “rock star.”
On April 22, I was invited to the pitch session at Delicias at 9 a.m. If you are interested in networking your business contacts in Rancho Santa Fe in the Real Estate market, this is the place to be. Sean Barry hosts each meeting, along with The Coast News Group. During the meeting, I found out that nine properties have sold in the Covenant last month. And who said anything about a down economy? Sean Barry and William Reiter from Countrywide were on deck for a quick snapshot. If you want to get in on this fabulous meeting, mark your calendars each Wednesday so you don’t miss out on this networking opportunity.
Later that evening, one of my best friends unexpectedly came down from Los Angeles. Where do you go on a quiet Wednesday evening? Try Jimmy O’s in Del Mar. They are reconstructing the front patio, which shall accommodate that overflow from the tourists that come in with racetrack season. Don’t worry, the construction will be over soon. Also, on Wednesday nights, if you like to fantasize you are the next American Idol, you can sing karaoke there, too. I found Rancho residents Suzie and Scott Robinson there having a fun evening, while taking turns on the microphone crooning their favorite songs. Dax Crave, Alisha Firecracker and Shauna Aronson paused for a brief moment outside. I must say, they look like they are standing in front of a crime scene from “CSI Miami” rather than in seaside downtown Del Mar.
On April 24, I ventured out to my favorite spot to mingle with some Ranch residents and discovered some new faces downtown. Oxana Petrova, Marina Kopp and Janice Jaraicie look stunning in this snapshot that should have every man out on a Friday night in town. If you read my column, you can decipher where to find them geographically on the map. I also ran into nominated Ranch residents Ross Talarico and Ed Savarese. What you may not know about these gentlemen (other than that they remind me of the late, brilliant Arthur Miller) is Ross was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for writing and Ed is married to one of my favorite women, Patricia Savarese. Not to mention, he is a tycoon of some sort. These two gentlemen had me in stitches as they shared funny stories with me that evening. Thanks Ed and Ross for sharing your presence in my column. Can you say when did Marilyn leave the building?
On April 25, my fiancé Robin Shull and I were invited to Tom and Karian Forsyth’s cocktail party in the Crosby. We were both thrilled to receive the invitation. Their beautiful Tuscany home is set against the magnificent hills behind the gates off Del Dios Highway. Sorry, you can’t get in unless you know someone in that neighborhood. The Forsyths had recently finished redecorating the newly bought home with pieces of contemporary art. The style of their house had art deco flair. Accented with French provincial furniture, rich textured drapery, I marveled at their choice in interior design. Just fabulous. More than 75 guests mingled outside around the pool area, while they enjoyed rich red wines and finger foods, served by the wait staff. For a moment, I thought I was in a James Bond Movie out by the Cabana. Now if I could have only been a Bond girl … this makes me think of Karian. Doesn’t she look like a Bond girl? Tom and Karian captured the “air of sophistication” in this photo. Thanks for that fantastic evening.
Don’t forget to read my next column, which will feature some Rancho Santa Fe residents’ slimming secrets for the summer!


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