Concert remembers Holocaust musicians

VISTA — The Vista Library, at 700 Eucalyptus Ave., will host a concert in remembrance of Jewish composers persecuted by the Nazis at 12:30 p.m. on April 24. Young European instrumentalists and singers who are competition winners from the international festival Ostracized Music will perform a collection of compositions.
The concert will include songs by composers such as Arnold Schönberg, Viktor Ullmann, Alexander Zemlinsky and Erwin Schulhoff. The Ostracized Music festival teaches students from Germany and throughout Europe about the Holocaust and the short-lived careers of persecuted Jewish composers and musicians during World War II. Among the award-winning young musicians are master pianists Ji Ling, Sefuri Sumi, Justus Barleben, Daniel Beider and Helge Aurich, and soprano Claudia Roick. Other young performers will accompany them in this one-hour concert.
“This music is such a huge treasure today,” said Jennu Swensson, archivist at the Schwerin Music Conservatorium’s Center for Ostracized Music in Germany. “When you hear it, you realize that this could have disappeared.”
The concert is part of the San Diego County World Music and Cultural Arts Series and is co-sponsored by the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center and the Friends of the Vista Library.
The Ostracized Music project is under the patronage of Dr. Christian Stocks, General Consul of Germany in Los Angeles. This event is free. Call (858) 694-2415 to learn more.


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