Cadets meet NATO general

CARLSBAD — Gen. James N. Mattis, Supreme Allied Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, paid a visit to the Army and Navy Academy recently, visiting classes, reviewing a formation and answering questions from cadets and staff.
The four-star Marine general was hosted by Army and Navy Academy President, retired Army Brig. Gen. Stephen Bliss and Jack Wyatt, president of the academy’s board of trustees, along with other academy officials and cadet leaders. The academy’s vice president, Stan Stockdale, arranged the visit.
Mattis was introduced to the academy’s Junior ROTC staff and after a campus tour, he spoke to the cadet corps on the need to develop personal character and initiative and a commitment to help others.
“It was the best morning I can recall in the Academy’s history,” Wyatt said, emphasizing the importance of having one of NATO’s highest-ranking military officers on the campus.
“Both Mr. Wyatt and I are immensely proud of the manner in which employees and cadets alike stood tall to represent the Academy in such an outstanding manner,” Bliss said. “We are particularly indebted to Mr. Stockdale for making the arrangements that made this visit possible. It was a unique opportunity for all of us and one that will no doubt be long remembered here at our school.”
Mattis had been in San Diego on other business prior to his academy visit.


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