Phony caller seeks info on family trust

DEL MAR — Area residents should be leery of callers offering to review their family trust. On a Saturday early in December, a woman contacted a Del Mar resident from what was later determined to be a throw-away cell phone, according to Shirley King and Heather Glenn of Del Mar Community Connections.
The caller, who said she was from the Del Mar Senior Center, made an appointment with the 80-plus-year-old resident. When the resident realized she couldn’t make the appointment, she called Del Mar Community Connections to cancel.
“Our program director informed the resident that we would never ask to review any financial information,” King said. “Luckily we were able to divert that and involve law enforcement.”
Although someone did arrive for the scheduled appointment, the resident was not home and police were not there at the time. Someone called the resident and told her the man was coming from Chula Vista to review her trust, but the call-back number had a Los Angeles area code.
Because no fraud actually occurred and “law enforcement had no evidence to develop a case,” a report was not filed, according to King and Glenn.
After issuing an e-mail alert Dec. 15 to residents registered for Constant Contact, Del Mar Community Connections received a call from another resident who got a similar call asking to review the family trust.
According to Glenn and the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department, no other similar cases have been reported since.


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