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2 community groups form to draft housing element alternatives

ENCINITAS — Two groups have stepped forward to draft alternatives to the city’s housing element maps.

The Encinitas Taxpayers Association, led by community stalwart Bob Bonde, and a second group led by three local residents have announced their intent to form groups to create an alternative housing map.

The announcements come as Mark Muir, who proposed the creation of a community housing map group at the Jan. 21 council meeting, clarified his intent for multiple groups to submit proposals.

The second group, spearheaded by Kevin Cummins, Tom Frank and Ed Wagner, are hosting a scoping meeting at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Encinitas Library. The meeting will include a discussion on what should be entailed in the map, development of an idea for the process and how to structure and organize the collaborations, and finally to determine what would be needed to successfully contribute to the alternative map.

Residents who are interested in being involved with the group can email the group at

Bonde announced the Taxpayer Association’s intent to submit its own proposal at Tuesday night’s joint city council-planning commission session. The group’s application includes a 24-step process from receipt of the notice of group formation all the way to the public hearing on their map.

Any group interested in developing an alternative will be doing it on a truncated timeline of around 45 days, which is the city’s deadline to have any maps it wants analyzed by environmental consultants to be submitted and approved the by the council.