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Significant redistricting hearings ahead

Prop. 11 follow up
Public meetings on redistricting of state political boundaries have been scheduled as provided for in Prop. 11, which was passed by voters last November. Meetings will be in San Diego, Feb. 9; Fresno, Feb. 20; Los Angeles, Feb. 23; and San Francisco, Feb. 27. A 14-member commission that will include nonelected folks will review the input from the meetings and will draw the districts in time for the 2012 election. Population shifts determined by the 2010 census will be reflected. Many of the current bunch of electeds opposed redistricting becuz it clearly threatened their opportunities for remaining in office.
Chargers staying
or leaving?

While there’s lottsa palaver about the Chargers playing in a Chula Vista stadium or one that might be built along the waterfront, Ed Roski in L.A. envisions the L.A. Chargers playing in a City of Industry stadium on land he possesses. Part owner of the Lakers and Kings, Roski has for years romanced electeds in that city to partner with him. Chargers owner Alex Spanos sez it’s the Harbor City or Southbay all the way. But bizness is bizness and he’s a shrewd bizznessman from Stockton with no particular allegiance to any city as long as there is a big amount of cash that will flow into the till.
Longtime Seaside resident Pete Kaye has his biography out that took him a few years to write under the title of “Contrarian.” Close friends say it fits him to a C. A World War II and Korean War vet and award-winning print and TV journalist, Kaye covered a score of events of worldwide significance from Pearl Harbor to Watergate and the sometimes less than successful space program. It’s an exciting 260-page account of his life and now when he is sitting around talking stories with friends he recalls happenings he forgot to include in “Contrarian.” It’s available at
Who told?
None of the Flower Capital electeds or staff professed to know how the SANDAG Web site knew weeks ago that councilor Dan Dalager was to be the second alternate on that board representing the city. He is, but that action wuzzn’t official until the Jan. 14 council meeting. Councilor Jerome Stocks, the city’s rep on the board, sez it wuzzn’t him who leaked to SANDAG. Legislating outside the box maybe?
Enuff already
There seems to be a frenzy about invoking bans on this and that. Now the South Coast Air Quality Management District with jurisdiction in San Bernardino, Riverside, L.A. and Orange counties has decreed that after March 9, all new homes that include fireplaces must have gas-log fireplaces rather than the wood burners. And the earlier ones will be prevented from firing up on bad air days. Will that require a battery of highly paid monitors? Folks may soon decide that it’s time to enact an ordinance to ban the ban.
Membership meeting
Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Assn. has scheduled its annual membership meeting Feb. 12 in the Poinsettia Room at City Hall starting at 6:30 p.m. Diane Langager, senior planner for North Hwy. 101 streetscape, will give an update on progress made after three community workshops. Light Up Leucadia holiday contest winners will also be recognized.
Give a looksie
Arts Alive banners are up in Solbeach and are quite contemporary. Each one conveys the environmental based theme “Our Earth-Our Chance.” They will remain up until May in Eden Gardens, Lomas Santa Fe Boulevard and historic Highway 101.
No job for justa manager
Some discussion, pro and con, about the recent increase in pay for Fairground Chief Exec. Tim Fennell. May seem a bit high at this time but this is no ordinary job for a pro in this field. Fennell oversees a $59.3 mil. budget. When he came aboard in 1993 there were fewer than 100 interim events, now there are more than
300. These are important locally becuz of the sales tax revenue. Relations with the Thoroughbred Club have never been better. Once they usta snarl at each other. During last fall’s wildfires, the fairgrounds became more than an animal refuge. It unexpectedly was turned into an evacuation center for fire-threatened folks including dozens from health care centers. It resulted in nationwide acclaim. In the fair industry, the head enchilada is the manager but at Del Mar it takes more than someone who knows how to lay out carnival rides.
Too late?
Surfside City electeds are hustling to create a specific plan for the commercial core. With the economy in the tank, it may already be too late to stimulate the area becuz it will take at least coppla years to get a plan done. Not surprising, there are the usual naysayers saying, “Not so fast.” Bottom line is that as the economy continues to slide downward, sales taxes to pay for expected services will diminish.
Maintaining its reputation
O’side has the enviable reputation of being a city whose council consists of dual factions. No different with the current bunch. Recently, Councilwoman Esther Sanchez lacked enough votes to be seated as the second alternate on the San Diego Association of Governments board so it currently remains vacant. In a later brouhaha, Mayor Jim Wood lacked the necessary votes to have her named deputy mayor. There’s also a third issue on the table. A citizen’s group has notified council elected Jerry Kern he will be targeted for recall. Not easy to do. A coppla years ago some folks went after Sanchez but it never went beyond the signature-gathering stage before the idea was canned.
Time for serious action
With the state budget still in freefall regardless of how the electeds spin it, the cities in a panic over the theft of their bankrolls by the state, and the electeds’ ratings zilch while they profess to feel the pain of the good folks who are getting ready to stand in bread lines, it’s time for residents’ to demand serious action and less baloney. 2010 can’t come too soon for real change.
Friends of Del Mar Parks who are raising $3.5 mil. to complete the purchase of the Shores property on Ninth Street are rightfully miffed that city electeds are contemplating using a portion of the site for a city hall … Hydroponic (water) gardens rather than dirt are seen as the wave of the future as more communities and residents are beginning to raise their own vegetables … An international airport built in the Harbor City bay wouldn’t be the first cuz there’s one already in Honolulu … Jan. 15 wagering at Santa Anita was a dismal $964,436 by 3,824 loyal bettors, which izzn’t enough to turn the lights on … In announcing at the recent goal setting meeting the always sold-out Encinitas Follies have been cancelled, Dave Oakley chided city staff and council electeds for lack of cooperation and indifference to the sponsoring Senior Foundation that has been a big contributor to senior citizens activities.

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