The Coast News Group

Letters: April 24, 2009

Keep Carlsbad quiet
I have lived and enjoyed it here at the Crest for over 18 years. One of my favorite and spiritual places has been walking daily past the beautiful scenery that we still have at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Victoria. I enjoy seeing all the dogs at play and this really is one of the few places they can run freely without leashes and enjoy themselves. So many of our children, dogs and adults come here to get exercise, meet, relax, de-stress, and be healthy! Not to mention all the wildlife. I along with most of my neighbors and many that live in Carlsbad Heights are extremely upset about this wonderful space being destroyed and developed.
One of the most important reasons I bought property in Carlsbad, was to reside in a safe and “quiet” place. The key word here being quiet. A quiet place brings peace of mind. In our extremely busy and stressful lives peace of mind is imperative for a sense of well-being, health and successful living. You can not put a price tag on peace of mind.
With any building, church or otherwise, comes more traffic, noise, people and more stress to our beautiful and peaceful community. Let’s try and keep our community healthy.
Shame on City Council for not buying this property and keeping it for open space. Let’s all try to ban together and do what we can to preserve one of the last open spaces we may see in Carlsbad. Thank you all.

Janet Bryant
Crest-Calavera Hills