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2nd major Solbeach project done ahead of schedule</strong

I-5 interchange finished
Major capital projects appear to be no big deal when it comes to getting then done in Solbeach. The $66 mil. Lomas Santa Fe/I-5 interchange has been completed according to Caltrans brass. It points out it was finished a year ahead of schedule There is some landscaping to be done but that hasn’t prevented traffic from buzzing through and around it. It is recalled that in 2000 the mile-long grade separation job that included an improved terminal was finished by prime contractor Kiewit Pacific three months ahead of schedule and under its $18 mil. budget according to council elected Joe Kellejian. There was an unanticipated sewer line and hauling of 300,000 cubic yards of sand and dirt to contend with after the project was under way.
Longs stores patrons wondering
Recent announcement that CVS Caremark Corp. has bought out Longs stores has left some patrons wondering if they will be going to a new store for their pharmaceuticals. CVS is in the process of shuttering some Longs stores. Longs has stores in Solbeach, the Flower Capital, C’bad, Vista and O’side. One store has already been closed in O’side. Longs was established in 1938 in Oakland by two brothers, Tom and Joe Long. Their second store was in downtown San Diego.
Feds OK Powerlink app
U.S. Bureau of Land Management has OK’d an SDG&E application to cross federal land between Imperial and San Diego counties with its 50-mile-high voltage transmission line. Earlier, the juice company had sought to cross Anza-Borrego Desert State Park but ran into a buzz saw of opposition from all directions.
Freezing at San Dieguito
San Dieguito Union High School District trustees have frozen salaries and other funds. District Supe Ken Noah said the action was needed pending final decision in Sacramento on the state budget that has been a mess since last June. Noah opines the district could be hit with a state money grab of as much as $4 mil. Something to keep in mind when the state electeds come around in a coppla years and tell you they are doing a bang-up job looking out for you.
Paper boy yarn revives memories
Recent account of how paper boys usta deliver the dailies revived memories for Cardiffian Jeanne Redlinger, who noted that her pop, John Fatseas, was a San Diego Union district manager for 25 years and supervised a brigade of carriers in the North County including Camp Pendleton. She recalled that many of the carriers — now heads of families — have told him they acquired their bizness acumen from him. If you can roll out of the sack at 4 ayem seven days a week, being a parent is a piece of cake.
Gregory Canyon landfill
An appeals court has requested more info from Gregory Canyon landfill officials regarding availability of enough water for its operations. The landfill near Pala Indian Reservation has previously indicated its source is Olivenhain Water District. Court should be deciding where refuse will be dumped in the not-too-far-off future instead of delaying this landfill that has been jumping through hoops for a decade and has already gained hefty voter approval.
New report on Lindberg
The latest report on redoing Lindberg Field into an international landing field has been published. The difference from the scads of studies that have been done, according to consultants, is that it will cost $4 bil. Soon the Port District that oversees the airport will need larger quarters to store all the studies. The current report is a conglomeration of the others except for the pregnant tab. Enuff dough has been spent on consultants to have paid for a second runway.
Bus transportation
Some North County Transit District senior bus riders are wondering how they are going to meet their medical appointments and do their shopping since NCTD has axed eight bus routes in Vista, San Marcos, C’bad, Escondido Fallbrook, O’side and the Flower Capital.
zzEdison’s incandescent light bulbs
According to a recent Associated Press report, incandescent light bulbs that came into being when Thomas Edison discovered there could be light will begin to disappear in three years when light-emitting diodes made from semiconductors that will shed light from tubes that look like ice cream swirls go into major production. It’s predicted Edison-era bulbs will be obsolete by 2014.
Servers on wheels returning
If you remember shapely ladies on skates delivering burgers and fries to your car, you may be elated to learn they are returning to Main Street and South Santa Fe Avenue in Vista. Sonic Drive-Ins is locating a hamburgery in the inland city and skating servers will deliver your order with a smile.
Legoland hotel OK’d
A 250-room resort hotel has been announced for the park that has become famous for miniature figures and tiny creations fashioned out of building blocks. C’bad Planning Commission recently OK’d the project to be built on part of Legoland’s parking lot along Palomar Airport Road and The Crossings Drive.
Great turnout
Nicia Platt, voice of Quail Botanical Gardens, reports that more than 150 volunteers — including 35 youngsters — did all sorts of work on national “Day of Service Day” honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday.
The Flower Capital’s Parks & Rec. Department will issue a report during its Feb. 17 meeting on a proposed beach cities marathon in 2010 … Vegas is reporting an influx of strippers from the Golden State seeking work there as the result of the economic downturn … Flower Capital resident Betsy Schreiber has been elected prexy of Del Mar Seacoast Republican Womens Federation … San Dieguito Heritage Museum will have its annual meeting luncheon on Feb. 7 at Tony’s Jacal in Solbeach … The Village Community Presbyterian Church in Rancho Santa Fe is undergoing a $7.9 mil. major expansion that will increase sanctuary seating from 330 to 560 … Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Assn. is having its annual meeting Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Poinsettia Room at City Hall … Historian Don Terwilliger will tell about the Surfside City’s 1959 incorporation trials and tribulations during a Valentine Tea on Feb. 9 in the Powerhouse Community Center.

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Douglas Alden February 9, 2009 at 4:36 pm

The I-5 interchange is not finished. The contractor may have completed the project per CalTrans approved plans, however, there is still work to do to insure the safety of bicyclists traveling through the interchange. The new bicycle lanes are hidden behind view-obstructing columns. After passing under the bridge hidden behind the columns cyclists in the new bike lane are confronted with right turning vehicles using the new on-ramps. The cyclists are being setup for a classic right-hook collision. This is a serious safety flaw.

I raised concerns about the bicycle lanes at numerous planning meetings with the city of Solana Beach and CalTrans. As the final asphalt was being laid I more recently talked with the Solana Beach city engineer about the design flaws and offered suggestions for improvement.

I am an experienced cyclist who commutes to work through the interchange just about every day. For my own safety I have been taking the right lane every since construction started, and, rather than use the new bike lanes, will continue to take the lane. I worry about those who may not know how to cycle safely, particularly children riding back and forth to the many schools in Solana Beach. Who is looking out for their safety?

Douglas Alden

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