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May election ballot has folks wondering

Just promises

Election on May 19 that is designed to bail out the cash-poor upcoming state budget is loaded with promises and that’s not surprising. Promises that are being espoused by the Governator and the legislature that are not likely to be kept based on past performances. The frayed pitch is that it’s “for the kids, their education, the cops on the street,” and so on, and so on. But they are saying you gotta vote for Prop 1A to 1F to make it all happen. 1A extends taxes for a coppla years (or longer); and revenue from future lotteries will help to shore up the budget. When the lottery idea was sold to voters revenue from it was for the kids education. Now money would come from the general fund that is already on the shorts. And whatever happened to the tobacco tax that was to educate kids about the danger of smoking and actor Carl Reiner’s tax measure that was approved for kids suffering with health problems? Now there’s also a promise the electeds can’t raise their salaries as long as the budget is out of whack. Just a promise. You decide.

Hollypark starts slowly

Hollywood Park at Inglewood opened April 22 rather quietly with only 4,000 folks at the track who bet an anemic $797,960. The following day, 3,400 fans wagered $688,890 bux. Santa Anita at Arcadia that preceded Hollypark is reported to have done “OK” by coming up with some pretty attractive consumer promotions. Meanwhile, it is already making arrangements to host the prestigious Breeders Cup extravaganza on Nov. 6 and Nov. 7. Locally, Del Mar has received the OK from the California Horse Racing Board to lop off Monday racing except for Labor Day during its meet July 22 thru Sept. 6

Fish tacos si, foie gras no

Solbeach electeds have voted to voluntarily ban serving foie gras in city restaurants. Foie gras is not something that is included in a veggie salad. A master chef sez it’s a popular delicacy in France not to be confused with ordinary French fries but liver extracted from geese. Like athletes who shoot up special stuff to enhance their biceps, the geese are force fed with a special diet that does nothing for their biceps but enlarges their liver, which becomes a delicacy and sells for as much as 50 bux a pound. You can enjoy a lotta ordinary fish wrapped in a tortilla called fish tacos for that kind of lucre. But no foie gras in Solbeach. Restaurants have taken a pledge not to have it on the menu.

Vista’s major projects

Three years ago Vistans voted to increase their sales tax with revenue to be used for major capital improvements including fire stations (two of these were recently put into service), and a civic center
that is under construction. Moonlight Amphitheater is being upgraded and sports fields are being designed. The fire stations cost $12.3 mil. and the civic center is pegged at $55 mil.

Revitalizing historic 101

An L.A. firm is designing a streetscape to give O’side’s historic 101 south of the main drag a new facade that will include roundabouts, new medians and nodes. The main core facing the pier already has replaced honky tonk operations with a resort complex that will eventually include updating the beach amphitheatre so that it can be used for concerts and other major attractions. Giving 101 a fresh look is in keeping with other seaside communities that are in the process of making their major thoroughfares more walkable and pedestrian friendly. Leucadia, Cardiff, Solbeach and the seaside city all are coming up with concepts to bring the historic highway into to the 21st century.

Kudos to Queen Prejean

Vista’s runner up in the Miss USA Pageant, Carrie Prejean, rates a five-star crown for standing up for her convictions when responding to a question posed by a Bozo on the judge’s panel. She could have given a politically correct answer but did not do so and this sent the Bozo into a tirade. Who won? Carrie or the Bozo? You be the judge. Are pageants now relics?

Political stomping

San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom and Meg Whitman, a former eBay CEO, have blown through the county recently to announce they want to succeed the Governator in 2010. Former governor and current Attny. General Jerry Brown revealed some time ago he was interested but has made no formal announcement. He was tabbed as the favorite if U.S. Senator Feinstein duzzn’t run and it’s not likely that she will. Another prospect is Steve Poizner, state insurance commissioner, who wants the job but duzzn’t seem to get up enough traction. He and Whitman are Republicans, the others are Democrats. Mayor Newsom runs a pretty open city. Locally, there’s a bit of political buzz. Is Surfside City Mayor Crystal Crawford seeking to challenge Assemblyman Martin Garrick of Solbeach? And before Francine Busby hooks up with Rep. Brian Bilbray she may have to get past former Solbeach Mayor Dave Roberts who is well-connected in Washington and is an Obama administration adviser on Medicare issues. He also heads a health policy team in the North County with more than 250 members.


Residents in the Surfside City’s Crest Canyon area are concerned that with the fire season at hand piles of brush cuttings and debris remain even though this hazard has been called to the attention of city staffers … Handicap activist Dennis Sharp, who has filed suit against the Flower Capital for violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act, sez his beef is with the city not with individual businesses … The Flower Capital’s 18th annual 5k-1k run/walk is on tap for May 16 starting at 8 a.m. downtown and Moonlight Beach … Birders are reported to be flocking back to San Dieguito River Valley with the completion of the massive lagoon restoration project … A nine-member revitalization committee has been organized to advise Surfside City electeds how to put more pizzazz into the business core that will bring much needed revenue to the city’s till … C’bad electeds have OK’d the grading of 30 acres for the eventual development of a long ago planned Alga Norte Park & Aquatic Center … The battle to decide whether kids or seals have first dibs on a pool in La Jolla Cove continues to bounce around in the courts … Lottsa Del Marians are expected to participate in the Jerry Finnell lagoon to lagoon memorial walk May 16 starting at 9 a.m. under sponsorship of Community Connections … Apps are being accepted for the county sheriff’s job when Bill Kolendar exits July 2.
Hasta la Vista

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