Eye on the Coast

Machado surf contest scheduled in Cardiff

Hometown surfing champ
Rob Machado, who grew up on a surfboard off the Cardiff breaks, will present the Rob Machado Surf Experience & Cardiff Green Expo at Seaside State Beach on Sept. 26 and Sept. 27. The classic will be co-sponsored by Cardiff 101 Chamber of Commerce and the Rob Machado Foundation. In addition to surfing events there will be exhibits, musical entertainment and a king and queen of the reef competition consisting of a triathlon of longboard, shortboard and paddleboard events. Boys and girls surfing classes will range up to 16 years of age. All the skinny you want to know is available at the chamber office at 120 Aberdeen Drive or by e-mailing cardiff101@gmail.com. Helping Machado with various responsibilities will be his two young daughters — Macy and Rose.
Energy cut-off decision
SDG&E will learn Sept. 10 if it can cut off power to 130,000 back country folks on days of high wildfire threats. Approval is expected with several conditions.
Good idea?
Lotsa palaver over the proposed name change of Quail Botanical Gardens to San Diego Botanic Garden. Highly negative comments.
In the late 1950s, the brass of the San Diego County Fair decided to call it the Southern California Exposition in an effort to lure exhibitors, concessionaires and attendance from adjacent counties. It didn’t happen. Then it became the Del Mar Fair, which gave the impression it was just a community celebration. Now it’s the San Diego County Fair again and it’s likely this moniker will prevail for a while. Participants and attendees come from all part of the universe. The fair’s tremendous growth can be attributed to superb management and staff rather than the name.
Recall election Dec. 8
It will be a Merry Christmas for one of two O’side warring factions in O’side. At issue is whether Councilman Jerry Kern should get the ax. The caper has lotsa O’siders shaking their noodles over the $450,000 the election will cost. If the current majority on the council remains (of which Kern is a member) it will leave the employees’ union in a very weak position when its contracts come up for negotiation. The union is the financial backer of the recall and before election day it will have invested a lot more cash.
Spending money
Folks who use the expression, “spending money like a drunken sailor” are out of touch with reality. America’s gallant maritime sea persons can’t afford booze. More correct to say, “spending money like a drunken congressperson.” They can and do.
Not so noisy
North County Transit District plans to install newly developed digital synthesized horns on the Sprinters’ O’side-Escondido route. Not affected presently will be the Coaster and Amtrak whose horns are within the allowed 105-decible range.
Shores financial options
The possibility in the Surfside City of financing the remaining debt of $3,668,925 to purchase the Shores School property on Ninth Street through a bond measure will be among the options on the table during a public workshop Sept. 26. A bond is a tough sell becuz it requires a two-thirds voter OK. Friends of Del Mar Parks have done a great job of whittling down the debt from $8.5 mil., however, it is not rapid enough to meet the pay-off schedule. An alternative would be to commercialize the parcel.
Below-grade funds
SANDAG is seeking $377 mil. in stimulus funds for railroad improvements. Folks are askin’ if any of this gedes is for placing the double tracks below grade through the Flower Capital. Has the council made such a request and if not, why not? Below grading cost is chump change compared to other projects but if you don’t ask you won’t get.
Term limits
Some residents in the Flower Capital are talking about council term limits. On a higher scale, government employee members of International Union Local 221 are likely to launch a campaign to limit terms of the County Board of Supervisors to eight years. They will need to collect 77,837 valid signatures of voters within a time frame. Considered doable considering the size of the organization.
Old hat
Macho men who have been wearing caps with the visor in the back now have a new fad — wearing hats. Well, it’s not really something new. Before caps garnered the spotlight hats were considered chic. Now they are more stylish — mostly thin brim fashioned out of lightweight straw.
Smoke ban
In the 1980s, Surfside City mayor Dick Roe made national news when he advocated a smoking ban on streets and sidewalks. Folks thought he was some kind of a nut case. Turns out he was three decades ahead of his time. Current council electeds have instructed staff to update its smoking ordinance to cover those ideas. Resident Jim Donavan sez these prohibitions are an intrusion on a person’s liberty.
Reducing junk mail
EDCO Waste & Recycling Services notes that folks whose mailboxes are stuffed with unwanted junk mail can opt to have it partially eliminated by calling the Opt Out Line at (888) 567-8688 or visiting www.OptOut Prescreen.com. You will be requested to provide your social security number and mail address.
Quegga mussels that are now found in lakes and rivers are becoming a serious threat becuz they are clogging water supply systems and are said to propagating faster than rabbits … C’bad’s Barratt American home builders has gone out of bizness after filing for Chapter 11 leaving several Encinitas half-built projects in limbo including Nantucket subdivision in Leucadia … Top congressional brass won’t be flying in ultra-plush airliners after taxpayers learned they were going to spend $550 mil. for them and raised Cain while some folks are unemployed and having to walk … That foul smelling alley in beautiful Cardiff-by-the-Sea is finally being improved after years of neglect … NCTD is not operating a Charger special this season because of thin finances … Former termed-out Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez is now a lobbyist and is twisting arms to gain support for a bill he authored … Del Mar Race Track has Breeders’ Cup tix on sale … A group of horticulture boosters have asked C’bad to become a partner by providing land for a proposed botanical garden.
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