Eye on the Coast

Lotta chatter about fairgrounds sale

Keep or sell?
Although the idea of peddling the fairgrounds is off the table for now, it continues to create a lotta chatter. Selling it would not be a long-term solution for the state’s cash crunch. It can set up a rainy day lock box that would soon be raided by Sacramento electeds who are pros at spending tax $$$$. Some folks say private enterprise would be a good idea. A 75,000-seat Charger stadium in Del Mar and the wetlands?
Meanwhile, the Surfside City sez it remains interested in buying the 400-acre facility. First it needs to pay off the remaining mortgage on the Shores School site and also come up with a plan for a new city hall. Maybe at the fairgrounds? It’s worth recalling that the city of 4,500 folks bought the Powerhouse and library property without a lotta lucre in its kip. Up the road a piece directors of the Orange County Fairground in Costa Mesa have advised the Governator they support a sale. Meanwhile, 22nd District Agricultural Association directors have issued a request for proposals on the 20-year lease of the racetrack that expires this year. It will be subject to review every five years.
Term limits 
Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, which represents most county employees, is reported to be heading an effort to bring about a public vote on term limits for the County Board of Supervisors. The current quintet has been in office since 1996. Needed to trigger an election are 77,837 valid signatures that would have to be accomplished in 180 days. That could put it on the June 2010 ballot.
Need a job?
Valley View Casino is accepting applications for a slew of jobs that range from cage cashier to pantry cook, poker host and PBX operator. According to its ad, benefits include full medical, dental, paid time off, free meals with each shift, and other incentives. Apply online at valleyviewcasino.com.
State’s bond rating drops
Moody’s Investors Services has cut the state’s bond ratings a coppla notches — down to B. It’s a warning to investors that the risk is rising and is on the “watchlist.” Sad pot of frijoles for a once proud Golden State.
Ranger on duty
Two rangers now are patrolling along the San Dieguito Lagoon to encourage visitors to enjoy but not abuse the area. Since the lagoon was opened to ocean tides, the fish population is reported to have increased faster than rabbits. A wide variety of bird species also have been sighted and it has become a popular nesting area. Susan Carter has complete skinny and can be reached by calling (858) 674-2270 or e-mailing susan@sdrp.org.
Seeking a hunk of land
Encinitas Community Garden is searcing for a couple acres that residents can use to grow veggies and flowers Spokesperson S. Shapiro sez easy-to-get-to land would be the cat’s meow. Contact number is (760) 846-3499.
New shopping center
C’bad will increase its sales tax base when a new shopping center comes online. It will be located at the northeast corner of La Costa Avenue and Rancho Santa Fe Road and will include 284,000 square feet for a market and other commercial stores plus professional offices and some residences.
Spaghetti dinner on tap
Encinitas Senior Center has scheduled a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in the senior banquet hall Aug.17 starting with a pre-dinner reception at 4:45 p.m. It will include complimentary appetizers. Dinner servers will include city staffers Mayor Maggie Houlihan and her council colleagues. Tab is a mere 8 bux. Usually a sellout. More info? Dial (760) 943-2250.
No longer interim
Larry Anderson, who came to Tri-City Medical Center in January at the height of its political turmoil, has been named chief executive officer. He had been on interim status. Prior to jumping into the fire, Anderson was president of Integrated Healthcare Holdings Inc. in Orange County
Rotary honors Eddie
Eddie Stringer, who has been a dedicated volunteer in the area since the World War II era, has been named Encinitas Rotary Club’s member of the year. Early on he was instrumental in the formation of the Solana del Rancho American Legion post; helped to build a baseball field on the site now occupied by the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, and was active on several San Dieguito Jaycees projects.
Kudos to Julian Duval of Quail Botanical Gardens for the highly successful two-day Insect & Garden Festival that featured little critters that are rather common and some are edible and delicious … Solar-powered trash recepticles just introduced in Pasadena with great fanfare have been in place in the Flower Capital for a coppla years and are reported to be responsible for significant savings … Leucadia’s ArtWalk is slated from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 30 in downtown Leucadia … Friday twi-night concerts at the racetrack are smoke-free … C’bad’s desalination project has garnered nationwide attention through the Wall Street Journal … A salute to El Camino high school math teacher Sean Nank, who has been nominated for the Presidential Excellence In Mathematics & Science Teaching award, a prestigious national recognition … Dark prior administration clouds are hovering over Encinitas Chamber … El Cajon, Santee and Lemon Grove are in the process of an alliance to share functions of fire suppressant operations thereby saving a good bit of green … State legislators who have difficulty in effectively managing their current responsibilities have decided against trying to run the affairs of the university and college system for the present time … Hawaii is planning the possibility of being the ground station for tourist travel into outer space within a decade … Just opened Claire’s on Cedros Cafe across from the Solbeach train station is drawing raves for its homemade pastries.
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