Eye on the Coast

C’bad electeds remain No. 1 in leadership

Reduce their own stipends
While most government electeds have no compulsion about slashing wage-earners’ salaries, they shy away from touching theirs. Some even raise them. C’bad councilors, including hizzoner Bud Lewis, did the unthinkable. They cut their pay 5 percent! They will receive $1,389 monthly instead of $1,462. Lewis receives an additional $100 for being on the job more. Hizzoner sez his colleagues wanted to show they are all in it together since most of the government hires have received pay cuts. While many other cities are experiencing revenue shortfalls, C’bad is sitting comfortably with $40 mil. stashed away in a rainy day fund. Maybe it oughta add to its income by offering seminars on fiscal responsibility to other cities.
Water rationing in the pipeline?
In spite of hearing from more than 100 residents, O’side city electeds raised water rates $1.41 for the average family. Sewer charges also were jacked up an average of $3.32. Last month the Surfside City adjusted its water and sewer fees upward as other cities had done previously. The rainfall is below normal and the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is reported to be only 61 percent of average. Water czars have warned that rationing is on the way by July. Many residents say that as long as electeds continue to approve massive developments they don’t see the need for conservation — a valid point.
Tree hassle has legs
Recent controversial massacre of trees in the Flower Capital’s Orpheus Park had long legs. It was picked up by United Press International for worldwide distribution according to a Media Watch report Feb. 11. After 14 speakers vented their frustration at the Feb. 11 council meeting, staff was directed to return in 30 days with a report and a draft of a view ordinance.
Muy bueno
Christian Sutton notes that his salsa, produced by Go Organics, has been approved by Certified California Organic Farmers, a noteworthy stamp of approval. The tasty, zesty product is now available at Jimbo’s Naturally outlets. Go Organics is C’bad-based and in keeping with its commitment, uses only the highest quality fruits and vegetables from local growers as much as possible, according to Sutton.
MiraCosta trustee departing
Judy Stratton has resigned as a trustee on the MiraCosta College board of trustees effective March 31. She represents District 7 that encompasses Camp Pendleton and O’side east of El Camino Real. Her term ends next year and her successor will serve until then.
$1 deal at Santa Anita
Following Del Mar racetrack’s highly successful Friday night concerts promotion to beef up attendance and wagering, Santa Anita, the Great Race Place in Arcadia, has come up with its own Friday night special. In addition to free admission sodas are $1, beer is $1, hot dogs are $1 and so is popcorn. Management reports attendance is up 78 percent and wagering has increased 30 percent. Not known to be generous since it opened in 1934, Santa Anita traditionally gives away a calendar on opening day, the day after Christmas. Current season runs through April 19.
Landscape contestants
San Dieguito Water District is seeking contestants for its sixth annual Friendly Landscape event. Oodles of prizes are at stake in countywide competition. Info is available by calling Felice Tacktill at (760) 633-2676 or by e-mail at rtacktill@zcityofencinitas.org.
Hot prowls and car break-ins
ETA News Tracker reports vehicle break-ins and residential burgs in the local area are on the rise. The latter known as hot prowls occur during the day and when residents are home. Locked doors and windows are a deterrent.
Citrus crops threatened
A pest known as the Asian citrus Psyllid that has caused substantial damage to citrus in Florida and Brazil has been found in the Harbor City’s Hillcrest area according to agriculture reports. It is suspected to have crossed the Tijuana border last July. If it continues to spread it could create havoc with the Golden State’s $1.2 bil. citrus bizness. The pest spreads a greening disease on the fruit, according to reports.
Why a special meeting?
Flower Capital folks are wondering why a special meeting before the regular one was held Feb. 11. The special meeting was preceded by a special presentation, then followed by the State of the City address, interviews of commission candidates and a lengthy two-part report on the city’s budget and finances. The regular meeting included only eight consent items approved on a single motion followed by oral communications. Most of the residents who came for oral communications had left by then. Fourteen speakers did remain to indicate their displeasure on the way the Orpheus Park tree massacre was conducted.
Small business owner Vivian Doering of Escondido writes that she received the same notice requesting more info on a tax return from the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento with four different addresses and zip codes; she complied with each request but none have been acknowledged … A talk illustrated with pictures of the 2,650-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail will be presented by Dana Lew at the Friends of Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library gettogether March 4 in the library community room … Illegal advertising signs are being targeted by Vista city electeds who want the sign rules and regs brought into compliance … The Harbor City’s $43 mil. budget shortfall is peanuts compared to San Francisco’s $125 mil., and San Jose’s $59 mil. … By press time, two huge generators weighing 640 tons each should have reached the San Onofre nuclear plant where they will replace 40-year-old ones … Former council elected Ed Gallo who was narrowly defeated by newcomer Olga Diaz by 13 votes likely will run in 2010 … Wristwatch dealers are saying their bizness is declining becuz more people are checking their cell phones … Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club is observing its half-century of meeting almost every week since being chartered by Del Mar Rotary in 1959 with Roger Woolley as its original prexy who remains active … Thanx to the efforts of Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, Tom Pearson, Del Mar’s only four-time mayor in the l960s and 1970s when there was a lot to do and Tom did it, the Board of Supervisors recently honored the mayor with a deserving proclamation of appreciation.
Hasta la Vista