Water district appoints new general manager

SAN MARCOS — The Vallecitos Water District, or VWD, recently announced that the board of directors appointed Dennis O. Lamb, the district’s current deputy general manager, the new general manager to replace the retiring William W. Rucker. Lamb will assume his new position on Jan. 5, 2010.
At an Aug. 7 adjourned meeting, the board of directors voted 4-1 to appoint Lamb to the district’s top management post. Director Tim Shell, Division 1, was the only vote in opposition. He noted that his opposition was not related to the appointment of Lamb, but rather his belief that the search process should have been opened to other potentially qualified candidates outside the agency.
Lamb worked his way up to general manager through more than 26 years of service with VWD.
“Dennis is the anchor of our management team and someone that I can easily transition with to the benefit of the community and the Vallecitos District family as a whole,” Rucker said.
In his new general manager role, Lamb will be responsible for the overall operation of the district and maintaining efficient and reliable water and sewer services.
“I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of service to the public that every Vallecitos employee has,” Lamb said.


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