Suspect commits suicide

OCEANSIDE — The suspect in a June 16 shooting was found dead two days later from an apparent drug overdose.
The suspect, later identified as Andrew Blanco, 41, of Carlsbad was wanted in the shooting of a man in a vehicle during a robbery in the 2100 block of Vista Way June 16.
According to a release from the police, Blanco was in the process of conducting a sale of prescription medication to the victim when he pulled out a handgun and decided to rob the man of his money and personal property while seated in the passenger seat of the victim’s vehicle.
After shooting the victim, Blanco fled the area in an early model black Toyota pick-up truck.
Oceanside Police Detectives had been actively investigating the case when they were notified by the victim’s girlfriend that the suspect Blanco had apparently committed suicide by drug overdose in a residence in the 3300 block of Harding Street in Carlsbad. Blanco had reportedly commented to his girlfriend that he did not want to return to prison.


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