RSF Association urges members to vote for election

RANCHO SANTA FE — Covenant residents who attended the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s monthly board meeting in April learned that although the board is having an uncontested election, it’s critical that members still vote. The two individuals wanting those seats are Rick Sapp and Stephen Dunn.

According to the Association’s assistant manager, Christy Whalen, one candidate dropped out of the election. In looking ahead, the Association’s annual meeting is slated for May 11 when Covenant residents have an opportunity to meet the candidates as well as listen to their three-minute address to the audience.

During her update, Whalen shared how members will be receiving their ballots in May. In their packet, Covenant residents will be asked to elect two board members as well as approve bylaw changes. To date, proposed amendments consist of the following: adding the kinds of investments considerations that can be made by the Board and Investment Committee, changes with the goal of aligning itself with the Davis-Stirling Act, minor language/typing edits and adjusting the quorum requirement.

“It is critical that participation by Association members is large enough to meet quorum requirements,” Whalen said. “If the Association does not receive ballots from a third of all households, the election will be invalid. If a quorum is not reached, the Association will have the burden, expense, and delay of another ballot mailing.”

The board echoed the importance of voting.

Director Allen Finkelson explained how the quorum error made in the previous bylaw changes would be corrected with the upcoming changes Association members will receive in May 2017.

The quorum reduction edits will shrink from one-third of Covenant residents to 250 properties.

Finkelson explained the need to have members vote.

“Elections are expensive to the Association,” he said. “Please get the word out.”

Whalen also shared how its staff was working diligently with its voter verification mailing regarding signature verification requirements. She urged members to return those forms to the Association since there were still a few hundred properties which were not designated to vote. Verification mailing is an important task to complete with an upcoming election.


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