Poseidon Resources secures private funds for desal plant

CARLSBAD — Funding is nearly secured for the
new desalination plant proposed to be built on the shore of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.
Funds should be secured by the second quarter of this year, with construction set to begin mid-year, according to Scott Maloni, vice president of Poseidon Resources, Inc., the operators of the plant.
When completed, the desal plant will be able to make 50 million gallons of freshwater from 100 million gallons of saltwater taken from the lagoon basin, and supply water to nine water agencies in San Diego County.
The public agencies have each signed a 30-year contract with Poseidon Resources, he said.
Maloni said Poseidon Resources is designing, building and operating the pipeline, which will eventually be turned over to the public water agencies.
The San Diego County Water Authority is requesting federal funds that could help offset the costs of the pipeline to other water agencies.
The funds would benefit the consumers in the form of reduced water costs, Maloni said.


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