Letters to the Editor

“Thank you”
A “thank you” to artist Mark Patterson for the ride you have given us with your “Surfing Madonna” — what a gift to us in the City of Encinitas.
Good luck.
Jo Moran
Lawbreakers belong in jail
Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California must release hundreds of jailbirds to the local sheriff’s and ultimately into our communities. Apparently the California prisons are so over-crowded that inmates are sharing beds and sleeping on the floor.
Wait! I always believed that prisons were where the bad guys went for breaking the law. Prisons and jails are not the Ritz, so what is the problem with inmates sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed? The old saying goes, “the more the merrier.”
If members of the populace do not want to go to prisons or the jails, then don’t break the law and don’t cry when you have to share a bunk or sleep on the floor when you enter the California prison system. The new Supreme Court ruling will cost the taxpayers even more when many of these released prisoners return to prison for committing more crimes after release.
Oh my gosh! How did the once former great state of Calfornia get itself in a pickle? You decide. Jim Lowery

Out of line
Your column “Odd Files” in the June 24 issue of The Coast News was inappropriate, offensive, and way out of line. Chuck Shepherd tells us about Hindu immigrants who put religious offerings into the waters off New York, calling them “Unclear on the Concept,” apparently because this kind of behavior is only acceptable in India. And he tells us that “clever rabbis suggest ways of bypassing ancient Talmudic laws,” when in fact they are seeking ways to comply with these laws without giving up modern innovations. Confused Hindus, implies Mr. Shepherd, practice their religion too much, while shifty Jews evade even their own religious principles.
This article seems to suggest that members of minority religions are buffoons to be chuckled at, and says in black and white that they are “Odd.”
There is no place for this sort of religion heckling in our community. Mr. Shepherd and The Coast News should apologize, and in the future refrain from mocking minority religions.
Aaron Contorer

Editor’s note: We at The Coast News sincerely apologize for the offensive content that appeared in the June 24 edition of “Odd Files.” Chuck Shepherd is a syndicated columnist, whose column is for
entertainment purposes only. He, in no way, speaks for The Coast News. We will strive to be more conscious of our content in the future.
On the agenda
We have received notice that on the agenda for the July 12 Del Mar Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Director will present a briefing on the consideration of a Specific Plan for Village Revitalization.  The Form-Based Code effort didn’t work out?
Since this is a very
specific issue, and the meeting is a couple of weeks away, I am forwarding the following link to what the state says about Specific Plans so you will have time to learn what is required by the state (and the courts) http://opr.ca.gov/planning/publications/specific_plans.pdf
This can be another time and money process to ram through new development standards that most will not want, and end up in the round basket.  After perusing this guide, I recommend saving the time and money, and just adjust our current zoning to provide the immediate incentives for property owners to “revitalize.”  It’s strange that providing immediate incentives hasn’t even been considered in public!
Ralph Peck del mar


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