Inline hockey league takes to rink for spring

Inline hockey league takes to rink for spring
Gabriel Asuncion, 13, (left) and Nicholas Asuncion, 15, both of Oceanside, engage in a practice scrimmage. The Tri-City Inline Hockey League develops players ages 5 to 17. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — The Tri-City Inline Hockey League has found a new home rink and is taking sign ups for its spring season through Feb 20. 

The league moved from its former custom-built rink on Mission San Luis Rey grounds to practices and games at Martin Luther King, Jr. hockey rink.

The new location is not ideal, but does provide a functional location for the league to continue until it finds a spot to build a permanent rink.

Lacking from the Martin Luther King, Jr. rink are flexible Plexiglas boards that allow players to bank shots, cushioned flooring, and on-site storage.

Although the rink has some limitations, the league board of directors is excited about the season ahead. When the prior rink location was no longer available it was a bit of a scramble for the league to find a place to play.

“We’re lucky to even have it as an option,” Jennifer D’Amico, board secretary, said. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having a season at all.”

The developmental league serves 150 players ages 5 to 17. Teams compete against same division teams in the league. There are no away games against other leagues.

Tri-City Inline Hockey League values its mission to welcomes and train new players in all divisions.

“Our league is developmental,” D’Amico said. “A 10-year-old you never put on skates and wants to play is perfect for the league. We welcome new players at all skill levels.”

Inline hockey is similar to ice hockey. Players often build skills and go on to play ice hockey or both sports.

“We focus on puck handling, penalties,” D’Amico said. “We teach skills and the basics of the game.”

The league also has a fall season and holds summer boot camps. This year it is celebrating its 20-year anniversary as a league.

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