Horizon stays busy heading into summer

RANCHO SANTA FE — Members of the San Diego Symphony gave students at Horizon Prep a perspective on music when they performed “Musical Puzzle — Putting the Pieces Together” on May 7.
Assistant Conductor/ American Conducting Fellow Philip Mann directed the program, which included nine classical pieces from Britten, Mozart, Bartok and Poulenc. Mann showed the students how to build a song and layer sounds, using puzzle pieces as a visual aid; students then helped put the pieces of the “musical puzzle” together.
“At a time when the arts are most vulnerable, they can also have the greatest impact,” Mann said. “Listen to the colors in music,” he told the students.
Horizon Prep asked students from neighboring schools to join them in the musical festivities. Ninety students from Nativity and 125 students from Solana Santa Fe Schools joined
the Horizon Prep students in the Horizon Christian Fellowship Sanctuary. “You should have seen their faces,” said Kristin Aschbrenner, second-grade teacher at Horizon Prep. “It was pure glee. When the symphony started their first song, the kids just lit up.”
The following day, May 8, was Mother’s Day at Horizon Prep. Mothers were invited to attend the annual Mother’s Day Tea, which was also held in the Fellowship Sanctuary.
Students sang songs and performed recitations, all dedicated to the special ladies who are called “Mom.” The highlight was special guest speaker Laurie Albrect, who is a Horizon Christian Fellowship Women’s Leader.
“The children look forward to this all year,” Preschool/Kindergarten Director Cathy Towner said. “It’s a chance for them to really do something special for their moms.”
The students at Horizon Prep were also thrilled to hear that recent lap running efforts paid off. The Spirit Run 2009 generated more than $53,000 in charitable contributions. “At a time when everyone is feeling squeezed financially, this just shows how much people are still willing to open their hearts and give to make a difference in the world,” Vice Principal Heather Henning said. Monies from the event will be given to three charities: Compassion International, Grace Children’s Home and Sudan Medical Missions. In the past four years students have raised more than $200,000.
“These kids truly have a heart to help other kids around the world,” Hennings said. A competition between classes was held to see which class could raise the most money. Ironically, the small class, Mrs. Hunt’s third grade, raised the most with $6,379.
On May 14, students welcomed their parents to Open House 2009. “At a time when many schools are having to cut their special areas we’ve been able to keep them,” Horizon Prep Headmaster Dr. Ken Kush said. “And next year’s Middle School re-enrollment is the largest we’ve ever had.” Students showed off their projects in classrooms until the 7 o’clock bell reminded them it was time to go home.


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