Horizon Prep puts twist on spelling bee

RANCHO SANTA FE — Students at Horizon Prep participated in a spelling bee on April 23, but it presented a unique challenge for English speaking students.
It was a spelling bee in Spanish.
Students were told a word in English, they then had to translate the word to Spanish and spell it — in Spanish.
Senora Karen Beltran, the Spanish teacher at Horizon Prep for grades one to three, prepared a list of more than 200 words for the students. “It is so exciting to see how the students are growing,” she said. The results were impressive for many grades had multiple winners as several students never faltered.
Senorita Carrie Miller, the fourth- through eighth-grade Spanish teacher, focused on “conversational Spanish.”
“I can’t explain the joy I get from seeing one of my students when they ‘get it’ and make the connection,” Miller said.
Winners in the Spanish Spelling Bee included: Kylie Wilbor and Lucas Grizzle (first Grade); Abby Gammel, Sydney Northbrook and Shane Toelfer (second grade); Kylie Preske, Natalie Paxton and Madison Mansukhani (third grade); Justin Northbrook (fourth grade); Daniel Fan (fifth grade); Kylie Morey (sixth grade); Keely Thompson (seventh grade); and Jose Alvarez (eighth grade).


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