Village Church of RSF hosts ‘Faith & Work’ event

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Village Church of Rancho Santa Fe is bringing entrepreneurs and business leaders who are members of its congregation together to help offer guidance and tips to those seeking career-building ideas. Open to the public, the July 30 career pathway event is free of charge and is part of the church’s new initiative called “Faith & Work.”      

The Village Church’s communications and marketing coordinator, Christy Munger, shared that those between the ages of 15 and 30 will have the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from top professionals highlighting how their faith played a vital role in choosing a major or even landing their dream job. 

“The event is to expose high school students, college students and young adults to career pathways, learning about different professions, the educational and work experiences needed and how some have connected faith and work,” Munger said. “Confirmed presenters for the high school cohort are Alex Bailey, who is in the music industry; Deb Thomas, who is in the finance industry and recently the senior development director with World Vision International; and Jane Allison Austin, who is a real estate and contract attorney.”

Dan Pittard, a former CEO of Rubio’s and graduate of Harvard Business School, will also be part of the high school cohort. He currently serves as a board member of WD-40.

On the college front, the roster of presenters includes John Cho, who represents the insurance industry; Rich Ackerman III, who works in biotech research; and retired Superior Court Judge the Honorable Susan Huguenor. Joining this band of college presenters is also Mark Richter, who works in software technology; and Kathleen Loftman, who lectures at the Rady School of Management at UCSD and whose expertise is in strategic planning and organizational psychology.

According to Munger, this is their first official event from their “Faith & Work” initiative. She also noted that it is typical of The Village Church to have events not just for members, but that are open to the entire community, such as this one.

“The idea behind starting Faith & Work is we want to create a place for this generation of leaders to mentor the next generation of leaders, and we feel like that is what our Christian faith leads us to do,” she said.

Munger said she believes this career-building event will differ from others primarily by its quality of speakers on hand.

“We have a vibrant entrepreneurial community at Village Church, and so you can count on people from several industries being here,” she said. “I think the community of Rancho Santa Fe values academics and leadership in business and so attendees will be very pleased to see the quality of the speakers we have and how that can influence young people.”

Throughout the day, there will also be presentations from the panel of San Diego business executives as well as a Q & A series where guests can dig deeper into a presenter’s industry, their path of success or academics. A complimentary lunch will also be offered where further networking opportunities will take place.

“Today’s job market is so competitive that young adults need to focus on preparing for a career while still in high school. The Village Church can respond to that need by leveraging the professional richness our congregation provides,” explained the Rev. Dr. Neal Presa, associate pastor. “(Faith and Work) is one of the 12 initiatives of the Village Church’s strategic plan to support and encourage God’s people in their day-to-day work to live out the power of the Gospel of Christ in all areas of life for a lifetime.”

The July 30 career-building event will take place after church service beginning at 11:30 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. For more information, visit 


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