‘Top Gun’ house gets a new coat of blue paint

‘Top Gun’ house gets a new coat of blue paint
Painter Larry Keast brushes a fresh coat of blue paint on the “Top Gun” house after complaints about it color. The Queen Anne Victorian was used as a film location in the “Top Gun” movie. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — It took one day, but by 4 p.m. Wednesday, the beloved “Top Gun” house was back to its familiar blue color.

The Osider Magazine funded 19 gallons of blue paint, and professional painter Larry Keast volunteered his service to paint the historic house.

The Queen Anne Victorian was built in 1887.

It gained notoriety when it was used in the “Top Gun” film in 1986, and has been a local landmark ever since.

The house was painted yellow a few years ago in keeping with its original color.

Many locals strongly objected to the color change from the familiar blue, which the house has been for decades.

Zach Cordner, The Osider Magazine creative director, said Osider staff heard ongoing complaints, and got an OK from the Oceanside Historical Society to paint the Victorian, which is on the national register of historic places.

The task took some TLC.

The house is weatherworn and fragile. During painting ladders were used to reach the front porch and roof, which are too delicate to walk on.

New signs to reference the house’s history and movie notoriety, and cover its front windows were printed by Ford Sign Company.

The timing of the paint job comes a year before the lot the house sits on is set to be developed.

Once building begins, the historic Victorian will be moved within the property and be fully restored by the developer.


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