Gig Life illustrated in Cox home of the future

Gig Life illustrated in Cox home of the future
Violinist Jason Yang streams a live seminar in high definition to his students and fans. Courtesy photo

Do you know how much Internet speed your home needs?

Today, the average household is connecting six devices in the home to the Internet, from laptops and tablets to gaming and multiple smartphones, and that number is expected to increase in the near future.

Cox Communications recently hosted an event in San Diego to demonstrate how gigabit speed is quickly turning the home of the future into the home of today for busy families, work-from-home professionals, gamers, budding musicians and future chefs.

What does “gigabit speed” really mean? Gigabit speed is Internet that’s 100 times faster than the average speed. With gig speed, you can download 100 songs in three seconds, a full-length HD movie in less than 60 seconds or upload 1,000 photos in about a minute.

Cox Communications has been delivering gigabit Internet speed to business customers for more than a decade, and now it’s focusing on providing ultra-fast gig speed to all of its residential customers.

The Cox event at The Pinnacle on the Park apartment community showcased how Cox Gigablast speed provides reliable, quality service of 1,000 megabits per second.

Demonstrations at the event ranged from competitive gamer Tyler Burnette playing Rocket League to Madonna’s violinist Jason Yang streaming music lessons. Local food blogger Whitney Bond, now a television and Internet star with more than 150,000 monthly views on her website, demonstrated how Gigablast service allows her to quickly load photos and stream videos to her blog and social media pages.

“Without it, my business would be impossible!” she says.

Schools of the future may well look like the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) Maker Workshop’s demonstration.

STEAM Maker uses virtual reality and other emerging technologies to teach students new ways to learn, with gig speed powering the workshop’s projects and experiments.

The event also showcased Reflexion Health Inc.’s use of virtual reality to guide patients on proper techniques for at-home physical therapy. Dr. Edward Greene from Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group conducted in-home patient consultations via web conferencing.

Other demonstrations included architects from BNIM highlighting how they use high speed Internet to power their business and provide employees with improved work-life balance. The stations – along with WiFi enabled gadgets, computers and tablets all running simultaneously – were possible only because of super-fast Gigablast speed.

Cox Homelife home security and automation products were also on display. Homelife cameras can stream live video so you can monitor for intrusions, fire and other emergencies.

It also lets you raise or lower the temperature in your home remotely, control indoor and outdoor lighting and access other programs using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The New Contour from Cox has ushered in a new age of television viewing, offering entertainment like never before. The New Contour offers voice-controlled remote controls as well as sports, traffic, news and weather apps viewed simultaneously.

You get smart search that predicts what you want to watch, parental controls customized to your children’s ages and interests, and the option to start a program in one room and finish it in another.

With Gigablast Internet speed, families can run all their devices at the same time without impacting each other’s Internet experience.

Just as the home of the future is already here, Gigablast is now available to homeowners throughout San Diego County. Start living the Gig Life today.

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