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When Kristin Gaspar, Encinitas’s current mayor, announced her candidacy for county supervisor, her husband, Paul Gaspar decided to run for mayor of Encinitas!

Never mind that Paul’s only connection with Encinitas governance was being married to Kristin. Paul has not served on any of the city’s many commissions, nor held any elected city office.

But Paul saw a unique opportunity — to ride on the coattails of his wife’s surname recognition. He could have run for city council — there are three open seats —but decided instead to go for the top job: Mayor Gaspar (the Second).

Does anyone but me find this smacking of opportunism, and rife with the possibility of voter confusion?

This is not a high school election. Encinitas is a city of 60,000 people, with an operating budget of $76 million.

Every week the City Council makes decisions on complex — and often controversial — issues that impact the lives of its citizens and its business community: land use, zoning, housing, urban development, infrastructure, roads, public safety, parks, recreation and beaches.

The position of mayor is not just an honorary title to be bestowed on an ambitious amateur in a line of succession. Fortunately, voters have a much better choice: Catherine Blakespear, a fourth-generation Encinitas resident, who served four years on a city commission before being elected to a four year term on the City Council, where she has demonstrated a deep commitment to the community, a creative intellect, an extraordinary work ethic, and a willingness to collaborate.

For Encinitas voters, this should be an easy choice.

Richard Hicks



Call for a debate

One of the few openly supportive elected officials of Donald Trump in San Diego County is Kristin Gaspar, outgoing mayor of Encinitas.

This support of Trump, she’s hoping, will carry her in the county supervisor race over current Supervisor Dave Roberts. Yet her unwillingness to debate Dave Roberts is antithetical to the needs of the people in the county, who depend on the necessary debates from which to glean their preference.

Kristin Gaspar, you’re being called out right here. And not simply by me. A lot of people see who you are.

You’re sitting on your laurels and discounting the very people who you expect to vote you into office. You’ve accomplished little but photo ops in your tenure as mayor: Let’s just say what it is.

The lack of response from you and your handler is exactly what we expect.

The Leucadia-Encinitas Town Council offered Kristin Gaspar three dates to choose from for a forum with Dave Roberts.

The North County Arts Network was planning to host a forum at the MiraCosta College campus.

After she turned down their first date, they asked her to name a date she could make.

Her campaign manager, Jason Roe, told us through the League of Women Voters that Ms. Gaspar was unable to attend any forums at this time.

Dave Roberts has made himself available for all three dates being proffered.

The Leucadia-Encinitas Town Council is a nonprofit organization, as is the North County Arts Network, and their sole purpose for being is to inform both memberships and the citizens of Encinitas about issues that impact them. By refusing to attend a forum — run by the League of Women Voters, no less — Gaspar is depriving citizens access to information that they need to make informed decisions.

This is not going to work. We call bull! People need to know this.

Stephen Keyes,



Questionable headline

Regarding “Yoga critics run for EUSD board” (Aug. 26), I must call out Tony Cagala, editor, for running a shortsighted headline that undermines the importance and character of the women running for school board.

Anne-Katherine Pingree and Leslie Schneider are highly qualified individuals who are taking a stand against all improprieties the EUSD board has engaged in. This election is about bringing fiscal integrity and transparency back to EUSD.

“Yoga critics” seems to be your go-to headline; a more fitting label would be “Community Leaders.” I call on The Coast News to make a better effort.

Denise Ball, 

Carlsbad resident


Crossing the tracks

It is not realistic to believe NCTD is going to ignore illegal passage across their right of way, (“Council discusses rail crossing penalties” (Aug. 26). Nor is it realistic to believe that it’s not a problem.

We can continue to kick the problem down the road or have everybody work together to solve this issue.

Reducing the fine does nothing to provide safe, legal, convenient and quiet access across the tracks.

Is it possible to have at grade, safe and convenient rail crossings?

Sure. Other cities are doing it. Carlsbad, Del Mar and San Clemente to name a few. Let’s work to solve the problem, not just reduce the fine.

Morgan Mallory,

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