A challenge to vaccination law

Mr. Elias spouts pro-vaccine dogma, literally pulling statistics out of a hat (“Vaccination law takes effect, but under challenge,” Aug. 19).

As I write this, families are leaving the state because their children have been the denied the right to an education due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates.

Not since the days of slavery have parents been denied the right to make major life decisions for their children.

Mr. Elias cites a 95 percent vaccination rate as protective against disease based on absolutely nothing.

There is not a shred of evidence that even 100 percent rates of vaccination are protective against disease. Case in point, college students in New England boast close to 100 percent vaccination rate.

Yet some of them could not attend their own graduations last year due to a mumps outbreak!

Those Ivy League geniuses assumed all the risks of the vaccination procedure, yet derived no benefit.

An infectious disease specialist had this to say about the outbreak:

“The exposure that they (students) have to mumps is so high in these situations (college) that it overcomes the ability of the vaccine to protect them.”

Translation, “vaccines don’t work.”

Why might that be? Vaccines produce antibodies, but not a complete immune response that would be triggered by live virus. Antibodies are not the primary means by which the body fights viral disease. The cellular response is far more effective.

Furthermore, an abortive immune response may make it more difficult for the immune system to mount an effective response when challenged with the natural virus.

The herd theory applies to natural immunity, not the waning vaccine variety.

About two thirds of a herd was theorized to need immunity in order to prevent the spread of disease.

As for the contrived Disneyland measles outbreak, it has not been determined whether this was wild virus or the vaccine variety that caused the disease.

The real reason for the hype over this small outbreak was that well-educated parents in affluent areas were refusing to follow the recommended vaccine schedule.

Without legislation, the expansive vaccine schedule could not be rammed down their throats.

There is no arguing with parents who are better educated on the very real risks of vaccines than their cook book pediatricians.

Medical school teaches little more than the current recommended (and ever expanding) vaccine schedules.

Has your physician informed you that after vaccination, viruses are shed for up to three months and that vaccine strains can cause disease?

Perhaps we should pass another law that forces the recently vaccinated kids to stay under quarantine for three months to prevent the spread of disease?

Why is it that healthy unvaccinated kids are excluded from school, but those who carry known infectious diseases like hepatitis are not?

It is a sad fact that the major cause of polio in the 1950s and ‘60s was the polio vaccine. In India and other places where the live polio vaccine is still administered, the polio vaccine is now the major cause of childhood paralysis.

Furthermore, the live polio vaccine contained a retrovirus, SV40, now present in the human genome and implicated in a host of cancers.

It would seem that meddling with the balance of microbes in our environment has unexpected and dangerous consequences.

Why did California push so hard for mandatory vaccination laws?

California is a pilot for the nation. There are huge profits to be made in this industry with zero liability on the part of the manufacturers.

Merck was recently slammed with $ 87 million in criminal penalties for their marketing of the dangerous drug Vioxx. Remember, this is the company you are trusting with your kids health.

It’s like hiring a convicted sex offender as your babysitter. Imagine a car salesman with zero product liability. Would you buy from them? Exactly. Vaccine manufacturers have complete immunity from liability. If your child has a seizure and dies the next day, they won’t bat an eye.

Neither will your pediatrician who is similarly insured. When in doubt, follow the money.

I was paid nothing for writing this to educate you. If only Merck were a public service organization.

Go see “Vaxxed” and see the corruption for yourself.

Sylvia Rogers is a San Marcos resident.


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