Lick the Plate: VEG Fest to celebrate easy and bountiful home gardening 

Lick the Plate: VEG Fest to celebrate easy and bountiful home gardening 
Celebrate VEG Fest Aug. 25 with Lick the Plate and Solterra.   Courtesy photo

When I first wrote about the VEG home gardening system in March I had not experienced the full capabilities of this amazing invention.

Since then I have been unable to keep up with it’s bountiful output of fresh, no-hassle produce.

And it’s not just any produce, I currently have a cucumber plant that goes from flower to on average, 16-inch-to-18-inch monsters in 10 days or less.  It is truly remarkable seeing these grow several inches per day.  Heirloom romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, green onions, and basil are growing like I’ve never seen before. My friends, neighbors and co-workers have been the beneficiaries of this bounty and I’ve not purchased salad fixings in months.

The VEG gardening system is revolutionary in that it allows anyone with a relatively small space and no gardening experience to experience the joy of picking fresh veggies daily.

And really, all you have to do is fill up the tank that feeds the hydroponic system one to two times per week, drop in some fertilizer, and it’s a done deal. That and make sure your plants don’t go to flower and all that entails is to harvest on a regular basis.

Because of this influx of fresh produce, my diet has improved dramatically.  My morning smoothies are packed full of fresh greens direct from the plant and I eat a healthy, fresh salad with every meal.  I can’t say that was happening pre-VEG garden.

I am a believer in this product and become somewhat of an ambassador for VEG, spreading the word whenever possible.

It’s not a hard sell, but sometimes it takes a visual, a conversation with a VEG owner, or tasting something fresh picked from it.  I teamed up with VEG co-founder Mark DeMitchell and Solterra Winery & Kitchen owner Chris Van Alyea to bring those three elements together in an event we are calling “VEG Fest.”

VEG Fest is happening Aug. 25 and will feature VEG gardens on display with VEG founders and owners in attendance to answer questions and swap stories of their incredible harvests.

On top of that, VEG will be providing produce to the Solterra Kitchen who will be whipping up fabulous culinary samples to munch on and Solterra wine paired with them. Samples will include flatbreads topped with mixed greens and other fresh veggies, salad samples, plus local seafood crudo and poke as well.

And did I mention it’s going to be located in the fabulous vineyard behind Solterra with John Bennett providing the music?

Well, all that is happening too and it’s the perfect environment to bring all this together.  If all that is not enough, this is a free event.

Solterra is the perfect venue for a VEG event. I’ve said this many times before but I always get the feeling that I’m in wine country when I’m there, except that it’s on Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia. So we basically refer to it as “wine country at the beach.”

Owner Chris Van Alyea is all about sourcing locally and you will soon see a couple of VEG gardens at Solterra providing a nice chunk of their produce. That’s right restaurant owners, VEG systems can work for you too and they provide a great visual for customers.

Live music also had to play a key role in VEG Fest, as that’s just how we roll with events. We did not have to think long before John Bennett came up and that was that.

John’s unique style of California soul and classic hits is perfectly suited for the event.  You may have seen him play at Solterra or Le Papagayo down the street. If we get lucky, he may even throw in a couple of Wilco tunes.

So that’s how VEG Fest came to be.

Gardeners and non-gardeners alike should attend this event to see this very cool product in action. I would especially encourage homeowners or renters with small yards or patios as that is where this product really makes an impact.

San Diego is the test market for VEG then they are off to conquer the world.  Last I heard they did have some subscriptions available for their autumn release and you can sign up for those at the event.

RSVP for the event on the VEG Facebook page or shoot me an email directly at

Solterra is located at 934 N. Coast Hwy 101.

David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative an Encinitas based integrated marketing firm. He also hosts Lick the Plate Radio that airs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. on FM94/9, Easy 98.1, and KSON. Reach him at or (858) 395-6905.


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