New, clever products that will make your traveling easier

The number of travelers increases every year, as does the number of clever products that make traveling easier. I’m sure the Pilgrims, pioneers and settlers, who made their way to this country in fragile boats and across it in rickety covered wagons, would have loved any one of these inventive products.

1 Voice Bag-red
1 Voice Messenger Bag
Running out of juice seems like a threat that forever hangs over our heads in the electronic age.
The 1 Voice Messenger Bag helps to eliminate that problem. Big enough to transport a laptop and other electronic devices, the stylish bag has a built-in, removable charger.
The 11,000mAh lithium-ion battery is capable of multiple chargers. Product information says the bag fits up to a 14-inch computer, but I can fit my 17-inch laptop in the compartment.
The heavy, cotton canvas bag has adjustable, removable straps. Comes in blue, gray, tan, brown and green.
A great carry-on with plenty of space for other necessities. $159.

3rd-Hand Stand
3rd-Hand Stand
Ever wish you had a third hand to take a great group vacation photo or selfie? And if you are a business traveler, you may want a portable device that enables easy recording or video-conferencing. The 3rd-Hand Stand can do both. The lightweight but sturdy tripod ($20) with its smartphone ($10) and tablet ($11) adapters can be constructed quickly and transported easily. Also holds cameras.

Protecting cash, IDs and credit cards is high on the list for travelers, and that’s exactly what the FlipBelt’s new Zipper Edition does. The sleek band has one large zippered pocket, and three other expertly concealed compartments. Also has an internal hook for keys. The belt can be worn on the outside or inside clothing. Eliminates leaving or losing your valuables, or having them stolen. Made of soft and comfortable Micropoly/Lycra. $35.
LuminAID-PackLite 12

It’s hard to believe that this soft, pliable, lightweight, inflatable (!) plastic cube is actually an amazing lantern that can provide illumination for up to 30 hours of LED in the lowest setting. (There are four settings, including a blinker.) The luminAID PackLite 12 includes a strap for hanging and compressing the lantern to 4-by-4-inches. Charges in seven hours of sun exposure. Oh — and it floats. Many uses whether at home, on the road or on the trail. $23.

The name may be clever and humorous, but the idea a good one: a hidden bra-pocket for tiny valuables. The Racktrap comes in handy while ziplining, horseback riding, playing tennis, attending yoga classes, cycling — you name it. Easy-open Velcro access. Unlike a bra, one size fits all. Great gift for any woman. Packs of three ($16) or water-resistant version ($10). Lots of colors and patterns.                              

© Rick  Rickman
Always best to pack light, but that’s easier said than done unless you have clothing that does double duty.
SlipIns does, especially the versatile Sand Pant.
It’s a soft, palazzo-style, flowy pant that can be worn poolside, for daytime touring or for dinner and dancing, Lightweight so compact. Easy wash; quick dry.
Bonus: SlipIns are rated 60+ SPF. $75 to $150.

Travalo perfume container
You’d like to take along your favorite scent, but the bottle is waaaay too big. MeetTravalo, a sleek, colorful, refillable container that meets TSA standards for volume. The 5 milliliter capacity yields 65 sprays and comes in 10 colors. Note: Your fragrance bottle must have a spray top with removable cap in order to transfer into a Travalo. $20.


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