Waterwise Botanicals is more than just a nursery

Waterwise Botanicals is more than just a nursery
Find inspiration for your garden, and a wide variety of succulents, at Waterwise Botanicals Nursery and Garden Center in North County. Courtesy photos

Waterwise Botanicals Nursery and Garden Center, located in the picturesque, rolling hills of North County San Diego is a plant lover’s paradise.  Not only are they a grower, selling direct to the commercial trade, but are open to the public as well. 

With over 20 acres of plants to choose from, there is something for everyone as you adventure through the nursery and garden center. 

You will find inspiration in the demonstration gardens complete with pathways and ponds, stocked with fish and turtles, reflecting the beautiful sky.

Fields of roses and succulents are planted in long, neat rows inviting you to explore, while groupings and clusters of shrubs and perennials bloom or sway in the gentle breeze. 

Near the entrance, you will see a shade house full of small 2-inch, 3-inch and 6-inch succulents for creating a succulent container garden. 

You will find an array of exotic Bromeliads in wondrous color, as well as, planted garden gift items and driftwood.

There is even a shaded potting bench for your convenience.

Waterwise Botanicals is true to its name, as they have addressed the water restrictions with selections of water-wise plants to encourage you in the development of a beautiful garden and landscape in spite of current water shortages.  Their expression for that is, “Waterwise Without the Compromise.®”

There is fun to be had at Waterwise Botanicals at two yearly events, the Succulent Celebration and Fall Garden Party! 

At both of these events you will have a day dedicated to both learning and playing! It features speakers, workshops, demonstrations, authors, food trucks, vendors with unique gifts, and artists.

Throughout the year Saturday workshops or demonstrations are announced on their website at waterwisebotanicals.com.

Waterwise Botanicals is a retreat offering you beautiful plant selections, a day in the country, and a place to ignite your creativity as you find incredible choices to incorporate into your own backyard…or landscape.

To learn more about the events above, as well as Waterwise Botanicals (complete with plant information) photos and more, visit their website.


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