Local woodworker builds fine, functional furniture

Local woodworker builds fine, functional furniture
“I build relationships with people. I get to share their ideas and dreams through furniture,” says Brian Murphy of Murphy’s Fine Woodworking. Courtesy photo

ESCONDIDO — Brian Murphy is one of the lucky ones.

He makes a living doing what he truly loves, and it shows not just in the furniture he has created, but in the relationships he has built with his customers as well.

Murphy’s Fine Wood- working was born out of true passion more than 20 years ago.

His pieces have not only achieved national recognition, but locally there is no finer choice for beautiful yet functional fine custom wood furniture.

Murphy is basically a one-man shop, which means when you order a piece from him you are working directly with the artist craftsman himself.

His Bow Arm Morris Chairs are renowned, and he is understandably proud of them. “The chairs are so much fun to build and they have so much personality,” he said. “I make artful chairs that people can actually sit in,” he added. “You can sit down, watch football and have pizza and a beer, or you can read a book and relax and fall asleep in them.”

Murphy’s pieces aren’t mass-produced. Each is a work of art in its own right. “I passionately enjoy what I do,” he said. “I leave a little bit of me in every piece of furniture I make. It’s im- portant to me as an artist, to be able to become part of somebody’s house.”

Customers of Murphy’s Fine Woodworking are not investing in a piece of furniture that they will end up replacing in a few years.

His furniture is carefully crafted with attention to detail and a passion that comes through with every finished product.

One recent project Murphy did was to furnish a house in Valley Center with 24 custom pieces. “This was accomplished in just 10 months,” Murphy said.

You can also find his love seat and table with Italian leather in the San Diego Natural History Museum. Current projects include a large TV center and he recently completed a presentation box for a Wyoming Freedom Gun, a rare firearm of which only 500 were made.

Also a local lawyer outfitted her office with a conference table and buffet Murphy crafted with book matched walnut.

A hidden walk-in wine storage unit that holds 500 bottles of wine was also just finished.

Although his projects can vary in scope and size, Murphy consistently nds that his customers end up coming back for more. “I do a lot of multiple pieces,” Murphy said. “Once you build something for somebody they usually end up wanting more pieces. I build relationships with people. I get to share their ideas and dreams through furniture and when it comes into reality people are so happy to see their creative ideas delivered to them!”

To view Murphy’s Fine Woodworking pieces and learn more, visit murphysfinewoodworking.com. Email Americanfurniture@cox.net or call (760) 743- 6923 for more information.


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