That is why Carlsbad is Carlsbad

Now that the vote on Measure A is over, virtually evenly split, what we can all agree on is that we are all neighbors, love Carlsbad and want the best for our city.

High voter turnout, and at times overzealous passion on both sides, demonstrated how much we all care.

That is why Carlsbad is Carlsbad.

Carlsbad has a rich history of citizen involvement. The citizens of Carlsbad have made Carlsbad, not the politicians.

Using the initiative process and pressure they saved Hosp. grove, demanded open space and forced the city to come up with the growth management plan.

Citizen input during the review process of has shaped Carlsbad and created a better quality of life for all.

What happens now? What do we do to make sure the high expectations of the citizens on both sides of the issue are met?

Many citizens who supported prop A argued that something else worse could go in.

News flash: now is the time for the City Council to regain the trust of the citizens and earn their salaries by ensuring that does not happen.

It would be a sad statement that a Los Angeles developer motivated by profit, which is not a bad thing, had more concern for Carlsbad than the City Council can demonstrate by holding the development of this area to a higher standard compatible with the desires of the citizens.

The ultimate abrogation of the City Council’s duty would be to rubber stamp again this project or any other project that is brought before them to replace it.

I have heard politicians claim they cannot control what goes in? Really, then what do they do if not set zoning standards and restrictions.

The council needs to strongly negotiate on behalf of the citizens and not just accept whatever comes in front of them.

The council should be a stronger advocate for the quality of life in Carlsbad than any developer.

The citizens have higher expectations for their city and city council.

Additionally the citizens have handed the council and cities throughout California a strong bargaining chip.

At this point, do you think a developer wants to go up against the citizens of Carlsbad with a project that has not been reviewed, approved and meets the highest standards?

Developers have been put on notice: Bring your best, be ready to answer questions and give more to Carlsbad than millions in political advertising.

Finally the citizens should continue to be engaged in the review process for it is their watchfulness and passion that have made Carlsbad a jewel.

Geoffrey Bell is a Carlsbad resident.


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