Caution, railroad disaster ahead

Everyone will lose if Encinitas City councilpersons continue to ignore the North County Transit District’s and San Diego Association of Government’s power plays.  It appears that the leaders of these agencies know that Encinitas has never developed a long term plan for the rail corridor and are making their moves to lock in their desires before the city can complete one based upon the needs and wishes of its people.

NCTD’s goal is to double track and fence the right of way.  SANDAG wants regional government to supersede local control.  To accomplish their goals, they are dangling publicly funded carrots in front of our elected officials in the form of so called corridor improvements.  They know that once installed these developments will make it nearly impossible for any substantial city plans, like trenching the railroad, to be fully implemented.

The mayor and councilpersons must not allow themselves and the city to be railroaded by the elected officials from the county and cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, etc. who sit on the NCTD and SANDAG boards.  These out-of-towners don’t care if our beach access is severed, that beach parking is drastically reduced, that our bluffs collapse, that our economic base is affected, and that our community character is destroyed.  They just want their way!

Sadly, it appears that a majority on the Encinitas Council are oblivious to the plot and don’t see its danger.  Unbelievably, at this time, five Encinitas rail projects are progressing without a Corridor Master Plan. It is piecemeal development at its worst.

Every school child is taught to Stop-Look-Listen to avoid being hit by a train.  It is time for Encinitas politicians to follow suit.

Encinitas councilpersons must STOP all developments within the corridor while awaiting the results of its pending railroad study and master plan.

Encinitas city councilpersons must LOOK at the ramifications of all of their actions and see what impacts their decisions will have on the lives of their constituents, the future of the community, and the fiscal viability of the city.

Encinitas city Councilpersons must LISTEN to their constituents.  Consultants and city Staff members can help but the ultimate support must come from the people, if a meaningful rail corridor master plan is to be accepted, funded and developed.  All ideas and suggestions must be considered.

Readers please, take a few minutes to inform Encinitas elected officials of your concerns.  Somehow they must be led through the smoke before the train leaves the station and it is too late to save our future from the dictatorial wishes of bigwig outsiders.   Phone (760) 633-2600 for Encinitas city councilpersons and mayor.

Bob Bonde is president of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association.

  1. Doug Fiske 11 months ago

    Excellent points, Bob! It’s doubtful the Encinitas City Council will follow them, however. The council will more likely maintain its pattern of timidity, political opportunism and personal bias. Being rational, having vision and serving the broadest public interest are not the council’s habit. Individually and collectively, the council is a huge disappointment. For the good of the community, voters should ensure that none of the four seats up for replacement in November continue to be occupied by the incumbents.

  2. jon 11 months ago

    the mayor and city council don’t have clue about what citizens want. the dopey pedestrian passage at santa fe and coast highway is an example. by creating a pedestrian only crossing instead of a pedestrian and vehicle crossing, the amount of traffic through the quiet neighborhood has increased and these ‘shortcut takers’ drive fast on these narrow streets.

    why should anyone trust them to make a good corridor plan? they already blew their opportunity to keep our once quiet neighborhood calm.

  3. Julie Thunder 11 months ago

    Thank you Bob for writing about the Big Picture FAIL by our City Council – you are so right! I have asked the City for a date for the upcoming Community Forum for the supposed at-grade crossing and connected Coast Hwy 101 crossing and did not receive a definitive answer – just an email chain from various City employees wondering if they SHOULD have such meeting. Honestly, I don’t know who is running the show over there. Please don’t stop revealing the truth!

  4. Sandy Coventry 11 months ago

    Thank you Bob, for your big picture clarification of the problem that the Encinitas City Council presents to us as constituents. They are not representing our interest with the proposed rail trail. Encinitas residents live here because of the quality of life, which includes ACCESS to beautiful beaches which have not been paved over, manicured, and turned into parking lots. This is already paradise, so let’s not pave it over. If the proposed rail trail East of the tracks is built, all residents of Encinitas will have a loss of parking near the beaches, and Cardiff rail corridor residents will lose walking access to our beautiful beaches, causing a need for more coastal parking area, not less. Proposed rail trail reduces beach parking significantly. If the rail trail were located on 101, it would be much less expensive and also much less disruptive to the beach access we all enjoy. Don’t let the City pave paradise and take away our beach parking and access! Go to

  5. Richard Risner 11 months ago

    I completely agree with Mr. Bonde. The City needs to focus on the big picture and what will be the best solution in the long run. I believe the community deserves the best possible project as the final goal and not just piecemealing project after project.

    The politics of “look what I can do while I’m a City Council member” has got to stop. Come this November, it is time for a change.

  6. Ruth 11 months ago

    Thank goodness someone is looking after our best interests! The city just isn’t listening. I moved here so I could walk to the beach and a change in that would destroy not only quality of life, but harm property values as well. Thank you Bob Bonde for continuing to speak so eloquently for all of us!

  7. Michael T. 11 months ago

    The “people of Encinitas” whoever they are should stop thinking about themselves only, and think about a bigger picture. It is a shame that in the 21-st century the only railroad connecting San Diego with the northern part of the state is single-track and non-electrified. I think that reasonable adults as well as well-taught children can live around a double-track road having no fence. But in order to make any difference in transportation the road must be double-tracked, and it better be electrified. Also, the grades must be separated whenever possible both for safety and operational speed.

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