Measure A offers many positives

I have lived in Carlsbad since 1995. I know many Carlsbad residents and I love my neighborhood, Terramar!

From 2008 to 2015, I intervened for Terramar at the California Energy Commission and fought against two power plants at Encina. It was a full time job for years and it was worth it to protect Carlsbad and Terramar’s air quality.

Many of you were a part of that effort. We succeeded! Now, Encina will be demolished and we will only have one smaller power plant.

Together we fought hard for strict noise and traffic regulations to protect Terramar when the new plant is built and the old one is torn down.

I did my homework because I care deeply about Terramar!

Now we are faced with another project near Terramar.  It is the proposed Caruso project called Measure A, at the corner of Cannon Road and Interstate 5.

Again I have done my homework and I definitely support YES on Measure A.

The plan offers so many positives for us!

As a part of the 203-acre plan, Caruso is required to clean up the open space at the lagoon. He must improve drainage, take out non-native plants and replant native plants, protect the sensitive habitat areas, create trails in the non-sensitive areas, and endow all of this perpetuity! All of this must be done before the retail center can open. Lagoon drainage from this project will be required to meet strict standards for runoff.

The development of upscale shopping and dining should generate $2.6 million in new tax revenue for Carlsbad’s general fund.

We are a city that is almost built out, and tax revenue is needed to keep our city the safe, secure, clean and beautiful city it is!

• I am thrilled that the Caruso project intends to install solar and be LEED certified!

• The project must follow all of Carlsbad’s strict building regulations!

• I feel confident knowing this project is required to get California Coastal Commission approval!

• I am impressed with the enormous $9.4 million commitment to improve traffic flow in our community!

• We are lucky that this project is a short walk from Terramar!

• We will be gifted with three new miles of walking trails along the lagoon.

• The open space will be maintained in perpetuity by an endowment.

Please give this project your consideration! Get the facts at the Measure A information center on Cannon Road at the Strawberry Fields. Once you do, I hope you will join me in voting YES on Measure A.

Kerry Siekmann is a resident of the Terramar neighborhood in Carlsbad and member of the city’s planning commission.

This post has been clarified to reflect Ms. Siekmann’s post on the planning commission.


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