Letters to the Editor

85/15 heating up

Since the 85/15 initiative started heating up last summer, dividing the residents of Carlsbad, I have observed two very stark trends:

No. 1. This is not a partisan issue. All liberals are not “for,” nor are all conservatives “against,” or vice versa. It’s a healthy mix. That said, the conservatives who are “No on A” are also now vehemently “No on Mayor Hall,” so he has lost a great deal of his voter base. Carlsbad residents do not care about Mayor Hall’s desire for a “legacy,” they care about their community, and this transcends party lines.

No. 2. This one is far more disappointing from a community standpoint: the No on A folks are against this project because they feel it is detrimental to the community as a whole.

But the Yes on A folks, from Hall wanting to seal his personal legacy, to real estate agents and property owners who think the property values will increase (debatable), to the shoppers who “want a Nordstrom and want it now”— these pro-A people are operating from a purely selfish position.

I find this to be incredibly sad.

Furthermore, I urge those people to take a good, honest look at their motives.

Maybe they’ll see that the bigger picture here is more important than money or shoes.

Tanya Hutchison Brooking,



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