Man found dead in SLR River

OCEANSIDE — A man was found floating face down in the San Luis Rey River near the Highway 76 and Interstate 5 bridge on Oct. 9.

Passing cyclists reported a man in the river at 9 a.m.

Police and fire department lifeguards responded to the rescue call, but upon arrival found the man was deceased.

Operations changed and the lifeguard recovery team removed the man’s body from the river.

The man was identified by a city code enforcement officer as a local transient. ID was found on his person that showed he was Jose Marquez, 50.

Police reports state Marquez’s body was bloated and parts of his body were sloughing off. Police Lt. Leonard Cosby said Marquez may have been in the water for several days.

It is not known why Marquez was in the river. His body shows no signs of injury or foul play to indicate he was pushed or forced into the water.

Marquez lived in an encampment near the river.

The county medical examiner is determining the exact cause and time of death.


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