Jay Paris: Bolts channeling the Padres and that’s not good

The season started with such promise after the roster was upgraded.

The season started with playoff hopes at-the-ready, hardly an annual occurrence in these parts.

The fan base was started up before the opening game, set to toast a special season that might return the franchise to epic heights.

But the season started and the odd thing is we’re not chatting about the Padres.

After so much offseason hype, the Padres hit the 2015 tape Sunday with few highlights. They complete their fifth-straight losing season and have possibly painted themselves in the same corner for next year.

But that’s a column for another day as we have six months to fix what ails the Padres.

Instead it’s code red on another pro bunch and how do you like the Chargers’ season so far?

It stinks, that’s how most view it.

The Chargers (1-2) are not only under .500, but their year is almost under water.

It’s a critical juncture come Sunday for the Chargers. The Cleveland Browns are this week’s NFL tourist and welcome to town, fellas.

Cleveland should be the pleasing mint on the Chargers’ pillow, a team San Diego can entertain and then beat.

And if the Browns are disposed of, the Pittsburgh Steelers are up next. But they likely arrive minus a fit Ben Roethlisberger, which gives the Bolts a huge advantage.

But that’s putting the wins before the cart, and hopefully it’s one not hauling another Charger off the field.

The Chargers, who have led in just 12 minutes, have stalled three weeks into the season.

A mediocre offensive line has given way to one that’s compromised on various health fronts.

The defense, through 12 quarters, has one more sack than it started the season with.

Melvin Gordon has yet to erase the memory of LaDainian Tomlinson. Not all Gordon’s fault, of course, but his next touchdown will be his first.

Philip Rivers has nearly as many turnovers as kids.

And when you figure out coach Mike McCoy, let us know.

He may be a leader of men but he’s as conservative as a white Oxford shirt.

His buttoned-up offense seldom shows much innovation and yes, we realize it’s tough to do much of anything with No. 17 on his keister.

Add this together and you can bet the rest of the NFL will go easy on them.


Time to buck up, Bolts.

It’s next man up on the line and leave your grousing out at the door.

It’s time for Rivers to accelerate his body clock, no longer having the luxury of getting past his second read. Please know, Philip, the rushers will be there soon so the ball has to get out quicker — even if it’s a throwaway.

It’s the other Melvin — Ingram — that is a bigger concern. If the first-round pick can’t find the quarterback — he has six sacks in four years — we might find the linebacker another name: Larry English.

In any language, the Chargers are reeling. In any translation, they need a victory.

A must win against Cleveland? Or course not.

But stub a toe against the Browns and the prevalent color come Sunday will be red.

The Chargers will be embarrassed that their season basically ended — on the same day as the Padres.’

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