City manager search continues

City manager search continues
Doors outside the city council chamber at the Civic Center in Oceanside, California. Photo by Visitor7 courtesy of Wikimedia

OCEANSIDE — City Council met for an all day closed session meeting to interview city manager candidates on June 20.

Councilman Jack Feller said there was discussion following the interviews, but no hiring decision was made. The number of candidates interviewed could not be confirmed, nor whether any were eliminated.

“We’re not to the point we can talk about it,” Feller said. “No hire was made today.”

Feller added the review process is likely to continue for at least a couple more weeks.

Feller said the council is looking for someone who can move economic development forward, has a relationship with the Coastal Commission, and can bring sustainable growth to the table. When asked what “sustainable growth” entails, Feller said another council member brought that up.

This is the second meeting the City Council has held to review candidates.

In May over 40 applications were considered.

At that time Councilman Jerry Kern said he was looking for a candidate with city manager experience, someone who communicates well with all council members, and understands the city budget.

Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery said the candidates’ ability to work with all city council members was key.

It was shared that about six candidates were being considered for interviews in May. It was also anticipated a hire would be made in July.

Oceanside began its search after former City Manager Steve Jepsen resigned in February. His resignation was accepted in a 3-2 vote, with Kern and Feller casting no votes.

Michelle Lawrence will continue to serve as interim city manager until a hire is made, and then return to her position as assistant city manager.


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