San Marcos approves $66.9 million general fund budget

SAN MARCOS — The San Marcos City Council adopted a $66.9 million budget that includes nearly $2 million earmarked toward equipment replacement, road rehabilitation and facility maintenance.

The council voted 4-0 on a balanced budget proposal that followed through with a recently adopted policy to set aside 2.6 percent of the previous year’s revenue — in this case $1.6 million — for a newly created rehabilitation and replacement fund.

San Marcos’ 2015-16 budget also includes several new positions, including an economic development manager, planning technician and a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician, as well as converting several part-time positions in the fire department and the community services division to full-time.

All told, these amounted to about $500,000 in additional budget costs over the previous year.

The budget is about $3.2 million more than the budget the council adopted in 2014, but the final budget numbers for the fiscal year ending July 1 skyrocketed as a result of the council’s use of $15 million on the Hobby Lobby, WinCo and Department of Motor Vehicles projects during the mid year.

City officials said the city spent nearly $85 million during the fiscal year, $21 million more than was budgeted.

Council members, however, said the costs — which also included one-time costs from the Cocos fire and retroactive pension costs — were expected and covered by reserves and state and federal reimbursement.


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